April 2006 Issue of SCMagazine


A new kid on the training block

So what proof is there that IT security professionals are truly armed with the know-how they may promote?


Company news

»Information Consulting Group has acquired project management firm Net Solutions. The merger provides the business consultant organization's customers with IT security management solutions. ICG specializes ...

Debate: Federated identity will become a reality in the not too distant future

For, by Nishant Kaushik, architect, security and identity products, Oracle

News briefs

Security and privacy experts voiced their concerns over whether or not Google’s latest desktop feature is a threat because of a controversial feature that allows ...

2 minutes on

The worm turns on Apple

Macintosh enthusiasts have long used the security of their systems as a flag to wave in the faces of their Windows-using counterparts. With the recent ...

Me and my job

Me and my job

What do you like about your job?


Paying the cost to be the boss

In our organizations, we need to take a strong lead in many areas. The first area is awareness. There used to be a commercial where ...

CSO's desk

Taking on the protection challenge

It is an old truism that crime goes where the money is. And today, the money is in the data, so that’s where we find ...


Your invitation to the SC Forum

At the SC Magazine Forum, you could gain information, advice and great contacts to help you more readily achieve your goals as an IT security ...

Raising information exchange

SC Magazine is providing an exclusive look at abridged versions of various chapters included in the just-released Larstan’s "The Black Book on Government Security," as ...

IDM: Moving up

Knowing who’s accessing what on enterprise networks that often lack defined perimeters is a necessity. So many company executives are trying to sort out the ...

Controlling the endpoint

There's yet another IT security bandwagon onto which any number of vendors are jumping. And, whether companies refer to it as network access management (NAM), ...

Cover story: Defining trust

As the mastermind of the Bali nightclub bombings awaited execution, he published a jailhouse autobiography teaching others to follow in his footsteps.

Last Word

Locking down WLANs

If I say the word security to you, what comes to mind? Do you think of the access card keys that allow you into your ...


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