April 2012 Issue of SCMagazine

April 2012 Issue of SCMagazine

April 2012


Evolutionary conundrums...

There are a whole host of things driving budget, resources and tweaks to security/risk management programs.


News briefs: LulzSec head worked with FBI, Sony breached, and more

News briefs: LulzSec head Sabu worked with FBI, Extension in DNSChanger servers, Sony breached again, and more

Company news: M&A activity and personnel announcements

Company news: M&A activity and personnel announcements

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: Ukash ransomware

One of the most talked about threats this month is the infamous Ukash ransomware.

2 minutes on

A new way to net phish

The quest for accountability in digital communication has a new champion: Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC).

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand: Virtualization security

As more organizations move into the cloud, the demand for virtualization security architects is growing.

Me and my job

Me and my job: Douglas Vitale, information assurance and forensic expert for a major utility company

Douglas Vitale, information assurance and forensic expert for a major utility company.


Debate: Anti-virus is essential

Debate: Anti-virus is essential.


Shutting access to passwords

Imagine a mobile device falling into the wrong hands - resulting in the draining of bank accounts co-opting of identities.

A Monitoring Solution: Smart network management

Network monitoring solutions for the enterprise should be holistically integrated with the complete security suite...

CSO's desk

PCI: Getting older, wiser, and more effective

Over the past few years, adoption of and compliance with PCI standards has made it more challenging for criminals to steal large volumes of credit ...


Big Data: The big picture

With data proliferating at astonishing rates, organizations are tearing into it, hoping to derive new business value, which, according to Zions CSO Preston Wood, includes ...

Cyber Warfare: The next Cold War

Much of the breach conversation over the past year has been devoted to so-called hacktivists. But nation-state adversaries, bent on looting organizations of intellectual property, ...

The global landscape: International cooperation

The FBI-led takedown of Hong Kong-based P2P site MegaUpload -- and the arrests in New Zealand of its leaders -- was a big win for ...

Tightening the fed's belt: Government Roundtable

At a recent SC Magazine Roundtable, gov't security pros bemoaned the difficulty in obtaining resources. But instead of crying over spilled milk, they traded ideas ...

Product opener

SIEM: A mature category attracts some surprising new players

This month, we look at security information and event management (SIEM) tools.

Group Test 1

AlienVault Professional Threat Management S3000

Part of the fun of doing these product reviews is that we get to see new products as they emerge into the marketplace. AlienVault’s Professional ...

LogLogic MX

When we first saw LogLogic a few years ago, it was a strong log management appliance that could do some nifty stuff, but overall was ...


Back again this year is one of the most powerful SIEMs that we have seen, and it is more powerful than ever with the new ...

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

The Enterprise Security Manager is a new iteration of our old friend, the NitroView from NitroSecurity. McAfee has found a real winner with this product.

Trustwave SIEM

The Trustwave SIEM appliance is designed to collect, normalize, analyze and store events and logs from a wide array of network devices and security products.

CorreLog Correlation Server v5.1.0

The CorreLog Server is a web-based solution that leverages browser technology to present an easy-to-use, multi-platform interface that stresses point-and-click simplicity for the harried network ...

Prism Microsystems EventTracker v7.2

EventTracker is designed to track events and track them well.

GFI Software GFI EventsManager 2012

GFI Software is one of the smaller vendors in the SIEM market. However, size doesn’t matter if you build quality into a product like GFI ...

NetIQ Sentinel 7

NetIQ’s Sentinel 7 looks deep into Syslogs, simple network management protocol (SNMP) incidents and other event-driven reporting mechanisms to sum up the security health of ...

SolarWinds Log & Event Manager v5.3

SolarWinds is one of the smaller players in the SIEM market, but as a vendor specializing in system management and reporting tools, the company has ...

Tenable Network Security Log Correlation Engine v3.6

LCE is all about processing system logs and putting some sense to them in the form of intelligence and correlation.

First Look

Something new under the sun

The forsenic tool, FTK 4.0 with Cerberus and Visualization from AccessData, blew me away.

Last Word

David can be Goliath

Be patient and give staffers a real chance to show their stuff, says Michael Potters, CEO of the Glenmont Group.