April 2017 Issue of SCMagazine

April 2017 Issue of SCMagazine

Product opener

Enterprise-wide defenses

This is an important and, in some regards, disappointing review group. It's important because it deals with managing ransomware, arguably the most serious cyberthreat today.

Product Reviews

Lab Approved One Year Later: Cisco Umbrella Investigate

This is a one-stop starting point for any investigation where you have a hash, IP, domain, URL, ASN or email address of a suspected domain ...

Group Test 1


There are three stages to ransomware attack management: pre-attack, or delivery, attack and post-attack or clean-up/remediation. IronTraps addresses the pre-attack phase.

Sophos Intercept X and Endpoint Protection

Of the products examined this month, this one had the easiest start-up.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete

This is a combination product in that it covers all three phases of a ransomware attack.

WatchPoint CryptoStopper

CryptoStopper addresses the infection phase - Phase 2 - of a ransomware attack.

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (BATP)

The tool looks for known malicious and typosquated addresses.

Mimecast Email Security Gateway with Target Threat Protection

Mimecast is a veteran player in the email security market so it is no surprise that we see them as a major player in the ...

First Look

First Look: Onapsis Security Platform (OSP)

When we look back to the birth of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) we must include SAP as one of the early pioneers.