December 2011 Issue of SCMagazine

December 2011 Issue of SCMagazine

Dec. 2012


Summing up the year that was

At no time in our history have we seen individuals and organizations so dependent on IT.


News briefs: Hacktivist group Anonymous, Duqu, malware reports and more

Hacktivist group Anonymous, Duqu, malware reports and more

Company news: Gerhard Eschelbeck appointed CTO at Sophos, and other corporate happenings

Alex Eckelberry, VP and general manager of GFI Software, has left the company

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: Unpatched applications

Threat of the month: Unpatched applications

2 minutes on

The 2012 election & cybercrime

Then-candidate Barack Obama masterfully leveraged the web in a way never before done by a presidential candidate, but he also witnessed the online medium's underbelly.

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand: Outsourcing development and other business tasks

Companies are relying on vendors for the achievement of their business objectives through outsourcing of development, creating products and services, consulting and augmenting staff.

Me and my job

Me and my job

A Q&A with an IT security professional in the trenches.


Debate: The Stuxnet authors are behind the Duqu trojan.

Debate: The Stuxnet authors are behind the Duqu trojan.

CSO's desk

Implement cultural change in 2012

As we look at the reasons why security fails in organizations, it keeps coming back to people, says Justin Somaini, CISO, Yahoo!


Game play: A case study in security

It's not all fun and games at Brady Distribution Co., a supplier of arcade entertainment, especially when malware and DDoS attacks are involved. Learn how ...

Top 5 influential IT security thinkers

This year-end special section focuses on people who represent the highest degree of professionalism in security, individuals who stand out for their technical skills, managerial ...

Over the horizon: Predictions for 2012

Guesses for what a new year will bring often are wrong, but that doesn't mean we can't try, right? A group of some of our ...

Paying dividends: Financial Services Roundtable

While the financial services industry traditionally has been quicker to embrace cybersecurity than other verticals, the challenges it faces, like meeting compliance and deterring fraud, ...

Product opener

Entering a new era of cybersecurity innovation

The remarkable companies that we highlight in this issue are blazing the trails in their respective market segments through pure creativity and innovation.

Product Reviews

2011 Innovators

Cutting edge is alive and well again, says Peter Stephenson, technology editor.

Last Word

We are our own worst enemy

To avoid past mistakes, one should appeal to outside experts, says Kyrus CTO Michael Tanji.

Products: Industry Innovators

Access control

As long as we want to allow some users access and deny others, these products will be with us.


We would be hard-pressed to find many product categories in the security space that did not have some encryption component associated with them.

Forensic tools

Each year, we look at the burgeoning field of digital forensics and try to figure out which companies are doing the heavy lifting in terms ...


The infrastructure is everything about the enterprise that supports the applications and, therefore, protecting the data means protecting the infrastructure.

Mobile device protection

If there is anything that characterizes today's computing environment - beyond virtualization and the techniques that has fostered - it is the pervasiveness of mobile ...

Perimeter defense

Being able to address problems at the application layer is a key aspect of protecting the ever-fading perimeter in the enterprise of the future.


A next-generation UTM developer needs to learn from and then forget the past.


Virtualization has been with us in one form or another for a long time, but now that it is a staple of the systems world, ...

Vulnerability testing

While there have been numerous prequels to the current state of vulnerability assessment (VA) tools, the Big Kahuna has been combining traditional VA with traditional ...

Hall of Fame

This year, there is only one Hall of Fame designation, but it is an interesting story because it is the amalgam of two companies.