December 2015 Issue of SCMagazine

December 2015 Issue of SCMagazine

Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016


Let's just call it "The era of IT security"

This year has been marked by the almost daily occurrence of some information security-related incident or another.


Quantum leap?: Encryption

Encryption will impact everyone from security personnel to consumers in the post-quantum computing world, reports Doug Olenick.

Border crossing: Global cooperation

A number of criminal cyber operations were taken down this year owing to international cooperation between law enforcement agents. Ashley Carman reports.

Keep it private: Security/privacy

Privacy is not a new concept but it's one that gathered steam in 2015 as it faced threats and found renewed support. Teri Robinson reports.

Catch and release: Computer law

Is it possible for legislative developments to keep up with the rate of innovation among hackers? Jeremy Seth Davis investigates.

On deck: Predictions for 2016 and beyond

What's to come in the cyber universe in 2016 and beyond? What threats will be most challenging for security pros? We compiled predictions from a ...

This time it's personal: Data breaches

Under the placid waters of the corporate network, hackers lie in wait to launch a breach. Their prey? Sensitive personal information. Teri Robinson reports.

Top 6 influential security thinkers

A select group representing the highest achievements in technology and leadership.

Book of Lists

Every December, we take a look back to gather up some of the year's biggest trends and some of the whackiest happenings in the cybersecurity ...

Product opener

Thank you to the bad guys

I don't think I've seen any year where real innovation was more evident, says Technology Editor Peter Stephenson.

Group Test 1 opener

Innovators 2015

These tools address the rash of large-scale attacks and can fend off those to come, says Peter Stephenson, technology editor.

Last Word

Cloud myths debunked

Many organizations still hesitate to move to the cloud. Why?

Product: Industry Innovators

Access control: Innovators 2015

The approaches to access control have varied over the decades, but today the challenges are greater than ever.

Perimeter defense: Innovators 2015

The perimeter is disappearing.

Virtualization and cloud security: Innovators 2015

We still need the functionality of traditional protections - at least in part - but the manner of deployment is quite different.

Data Protection: Innovators 2015

There would be no need for security on our networks if we didn't care about protecting the data that sit on them and travel on ...

Cyberthreat analysis and intelligence: Innovators 2015

This is an entirely new category and it has become one of the most important areas of next-generation network and data protection.

Next-generation security monitoring and analytics: Innovators 2015

The approaches that each of these Innovators takes is focused on a specific way of viewing the security monitoring and analytics problem.

Security infrastructure: Innovators 2015

The evaporation of the perimeter has made the idea of an infrastructure a bit fuzzy and, certainly, the notion of a surety infrastructure is an ...

Risk and policy management: Innovators 2015

Collecting data needs to be diverse allowing data collection directly off of network devices and from questionnaires and other "soft" sources.

Analysis and testing: Innovators 2015

Our selection in this category is living proof that one doesn't need a big organization to turn out a first-rate product with a lot of ...

Hall of Fame: Innovators 2015

To get to the Hall of Fame an Innovator must have been on our radar for some time and in the year-end Innovators issue for ...