December 2017 Issue of SCMagazine

December 2017 Issue of SCMagazine

Industry Innovators: Deception Networks

Industry Innovators 2017 - Deception Networks

This is a new category this year and it may, over time, prove to one of our most interesting.

Industry Innovators: Risk and Policy Management

Hall of Fame


CSO's desk

When in doubt, layer and share

As email has become the most popular way for people to communicate, it is no wonder that criminals are exploiting it to infiltrate computers whether ...


The best in education

Many cybersecurity curricula fall short of what budding cybersecurity professionals - and the industry - need. These programs stand out because, in short, they "get ...

The economics of cybersecurity

2017 saw the rise of economic initiatives intending to boost and benefit from cybersecurity.

The professional cybersecurity groups

As cybersecurity has grown in importance within organizations, professional development has become a greater priority. These groups stand out as they educate and elucidate.

2017 Biggest Cybercrime Arrests

Cybercriminals often elude authorities but sometimes law enforcement makes a big score and miscreants find themselves in front of a judge and eventually behind bars.

2017 Weirdest Cybersecurity News

News in general got weird in 2017, but some truly bizarre stories emerged in the cybersecurity space.

2017 Biggest Data Breaches

A quick overview of some of the more high-profile incidents during the year.

Group Test 1 opener

'Tis the season for Innovators

As is usual each December we indulge our love of new, innovative and cool products and companies. This year we have a great crop of ...

Last Word

2018: The year of the cyberdefender?

Defenders shouldn't go it alone says

Innovators for 2008

Innovators and Hall of Fame - December 2017

This was an interesting year. We saw 22 participants in ten categories plus two new Hall of Famers.

Industry Innovators: Access Control

Industry Innovators: Analysis and Testing

Industry Innovators: Data Protection

Industry Innovators: Perimeter Defense

Industry Innovators 2017 - Perimeter Defense

Where, really, is the perimeter of the enterprise? There is only one universally correct answer to that question: "I don't know."

Industry Innovators: Security Infrastructure

Industry Innovators: Virtualization