February 2006 Issue of SCMagazine


IT security pros get well-deserved credit

Harrison Ford rocked as the brainy, swashbuckling Indiana Jones. His swaggering Han Solo will be remembered for years to come. But it seems these unforgettable ...


Company news

Kim MacPherson has taken over as vice president of engineering for PassMark Security, a developer of authentication solutions for ecommerce. MacPherson has been vice president ...


Anti-threat software better addresses malware threats than best-of-breed suites.

News briefs

Backup security tapes from the Orlando, Florida corporate offices of hotel giant Marriott International went missing in late December, leaving the personal information of more ...

2 minutes on

WMF focuses security pros' attention

As the new year began, security professionals were left in a hole. With an official patch for a recently discovered Windows meta file (WMF) vulnerability ...

Me and my job

Me and my job

What do you like most about your job? It’s a position of perpetual changes and new learning opportunities on a daily basis. I get to ...


Are infosec pros complacent?

<p>I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague recently. He had a disturbing take on the state of information security and, particularly, practitioners (of ...

SAML and SPML arrive

With the growing prevalence of web-based applications and a growing demand for interoperability among identity-related services, a call has emerged for standards to facilitate this ...

CSO's desk

Second-factor authentication

<p>Three or four years ago Howard Schmidt commented that we should have moved away from username and password as an authentication mechanism years before. I ...


RSA Conference: Exposing the exposures

This year's RSA Conference will show off competitors' vulnerability knowledge.

RSA Conference: Staying up to the challenge

The RSA Conference will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year. How has it evolved to keep up with the times?

Solutions for the mailstream

Ever since written communications began there has been a need to keep some of these communications more secure and private than others. Today, much of ...

Privacy in a paperless world

When it comes to safeguarding electronic paper trails, Tess Koleczek is a master.

Ten ways to counterattack

Enterprise database infrastructures, which often contain the crown jewels of an organization, are subject to a wide range of attacks. The most critical of these ...

RSA Conference: What's coming in the next 15 years?

As RSA Conference celebrates its 15th anniversary, we thought it only appropriate to find out from leading information security players what they think the industry ...

Cyberattackers take aim

Predictions, like fog, are hard to get your arms around, but here is one that will prove more than just a mere exercise in prophesizing: ...

Standing strong: Partnering for a robust IT backbone

Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Tom Ridge says that no matter if discussions are about cyberterrorist attacks launched at federal agencies ...

Last Word

Self-assessment questionnaires

A CIO for a marketing company was in a state of panic. He recently received a 20-page information security audit questionnaire from one of the ...


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