February 2008 19 2 Issue of SCMagazine

February 2008 19 2 Issue of SCMagazine

SC Magazine - February 2008


Getting into the swing of change

In conversations with industry contacts this past week, I heard the same thing: in many companies, information security is being absorbed into various business units.


Me and my job: Bert Talley

What are the occupational likes and gripes of security pro Bert Talley?

Company news: Cohen named Steelbox president and CEO

Brian Cohen has been named president and chief executive officer of Steelbox Networks

Threat of the month: DNSChanger

What is it?A computer's DNS settings help it map hostnames to IP addresses. A computer can be reconfigured to use these malicious DNS servers through ...

News Briefs: Bhutto death exploited

Malware authors exploited the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to spread malware. Attackers set up fake blogs and webpages, which claimed to ...

2 minutes on

2 minutes on...Poisoned search results

Hackers are employing a new and sophisticated strategy that attempts to lure victims to their malware-infested websites by capitalizing on users' inherent trust in internet ...


Governing changing data

Smart companies are looking more intently at what it takes to better control their policies around data management, not only today, but five or even ...

Security vs. privacy

Does anyone today really believe that they can keep their personal information entirely confidential? While some people have personal preferences about how much personal information ...

CSO's desk

How to pitch security to the board effectively

There is both good news and bad news for IT security professionals appealing to their higher-ups for more resources.


Two-factor authentication: ask the right questions

Are multifactor solutions enough to protect today's financial customers?

Firmware: hacking the chip

Attacks on the firmware that sits within computers and enterprise networks is closer than you think.

Compliance: PCI's growing pains

Some retailers are slow to embrace the new objectives required by the payment card industry.

RFID/Bluetooth: convenient threats

IT pros need to move fast as RFID and Bluetooth threats move from the drawing board to the real world.

Data theft: the in crowd

Contracted third parties and other insiders create a bevy of risks for companies looking to secure data.

Portable device security: mobile madness

As the experience of one insurance broker proves, securing mobile devices requires a two-pronged approach.

Vulnerability management: weathering the storm

John Penrod, CISO of The Weather Channel, discusses how the IT pro can manage business risk.

Product section: Look ma, no wires, but secure anyway

This month our reviews section is unplugged. We look at security for portable devices, as well as security for wireless systems.

Product Reviews

Bluefire Security Technologies Mobile Security Enterprise

A solid, multifunction product with transparent ease of use and excellent administration.

Trust Digital Smartphone Security v7.3

An easy to use and deploy product with a somewhat higher price tag than we'd like.

Centennial Software DeviceWall v4.6

For its strong feature set, ease of use and good value, we rate DeviceWall our Best Buy.

Credant Technologies Mobile Guardian Enterprise

A very strong product overall, but we wish that it was a bit more feature-rich.

Utimaco Safeware SafeGuard PDA v4.25

For its overall capability and excellent value, we designate this our Recommended product.

Novell ZENworks Handheld

A solid, but somewhat limited product that gets the greatest value when integrated with the fill ZENworks suite.

AirTight Networks SpectraGuard Enterprise

A middle-of-the-road product with a bit of good functionality.

AirDefense Enterprise v7.3

For its excellent value, ease of use and performance, we rate this product our Best Buy.

Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management v3.5

If you are a ZENworks shop, you need this product. Be sure that you have complimentary wireless security functionality in the form of other products, ...

AdventNet ManageEngine WiFi

A solid offering especially when used with APs that have good blocking capabilities built in.

AirMagnet Enterprise v8.0

For its ease of use and good value, we rate this Recommended.

Network Critical CriticalConneX and CriticalTAP systems

Tapping suite extends monitoring capability

Breach Security WebDefend v. 3.0

Protects web applications in both directions.