February 2009 20 2 Issue of SCMagazine

February 2009 20 2 Issue of SCMagazine



A giant step for business security

The shared creation and release of such critical programming errors and the detailed fixes for them will prompt a huge change in the way organizations ...

Threat of the month

2 minutes on

Facebook privacy disconnect?

The internet is about to get more social. Facebook recently announced the rollout of its new Connect service, which allows users to take their identities ...


Document security: Minding your documents

With today's technologies, it's easier than ever to make a document, presentation, spreadsheet or video available to anyone anywhere -- so much so that someone ...

Endpoint security: From chaos to clarity

One of the greatest challenges organizations face in maintaining security is managing security gear from all the many different security and network equipment providers.

CSO's desk

Security needs a governing body

Given the issues that we face daily, given our liability, legal and regulatory environments, the seriousness of what we do, and the effect it has ...


Busting bots: Defending against botnets

Botnets are the bed bugs of security, says MAAWG's Michael O'Reirdan, reports Dan Kaplan.

Toeing the lifeline: Philips Healthcare and Agiliance

One of the biggest challenges for any multinational company is navigating the matrix of regional regulatory requirements, reports Greg Masters.

Security capital: Funding & Innovation

The pool of venture capital for IT security is dwindling, but spending for security is rising. This creates opportunities, reports Deb Radcliff.

State of defense: Anti-virus lives!

As attacks continue to evolve, signature-based anti-virus solutions evolve with them, reports Chuck Miller.

Database security: Protecting the crown jewels

As companies like Deutsche Telekom have learned, attackers are going after databases, reports Deb Radcliff.

Product Reviews

A10 Networks IDsentrie 1000

The IDsentrie 1000 from A10 Networks is a well-rounded identity management device. This appliance has many features to help streamline managing existing users and adding ...

Avatier Identity Management Suite

The Avatier Identity Management Suite, or AIMS, takes a full service approach to user lifecycle management.

Evidian Enterprise SSO

Evidian Enterprise SSO is the single sign-on piece of Evidian’s much larger IAM (Identity and Access Management) Suite.

Imprivata OneSign

The Imprivata OneSign appliance is a one-stop user management and provisioning shop. This product can be set up to take on many roles. OneSign seamlessly ...

Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator

The Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite includes in one group the full gamut of the v-GO line. This suite includes six components that work together ...

Quest One Identity Solution

The Quest One Identity Solution from Quest Software is an interesting product. It can use not only an existing Active Directory structure to manage users ...

Commerce Media Celo v2.0

Celo from Commerce Media is a tokenless, two-factor authentication product that can be deployed either as an in-house or hosted solution.

CRYPTOCard BlackShield ID v2.3

BlackShield ID is a web services based strong authentication server providing integrated provisioning and management.

Deepnet Security Limited Unified Authentication Platform v3.11

Deepnet Security Limited’s Unified Authentication Platform v3.11 is a single integrated security platform for provisioning, managing and verifying all types of user and host authentication ...

MXI Security Stealth MXP Access 7.2

For organizations challenged with securing removable media, the Stealth MXP provides an easy-to-use answer.

Quest Software Defender v5.3

The Defender v5.3 from Quest Software provides strong two-factor authentication through a variety of token options.

Tesline-Service SRL Rohos Logon Key v2.5

Rohos Logon Key v2.5 converts any USB flash drive into a security token for a computer, and it allows access to a Windows or Mac ...

RSA SecurID Appliance v7.1

The RSA SecurID Appliance, running the RSA Authentication Manager software v7.1, provides centralized authentication while administering and managing policies for the enterprise.

StrikeForce Technologies ProtectID v2.2.4

StrikeForce Technologies ProtectID is a multifactor authentication platform using out-of-band phone (PIN, OTP via SMS, OTP via voice), OTP via email, hard token and OATH ...

Aladdin eToken PRO

Aladdin’s eToken PRO is a strong and cost-effective two-factor authentication password management solution.

Entrust IdentityGuard v9.1

Entrust IdentityGuard v9.1 provides an enterprise platform enabling strong authentication for the Windows desktop, remote access deployments, as well as VPN and web-based applications.

First Look

Two-factor authentication, or not two-factor?

The notion of true multifactor authentication is based on the concept of combining into a single authentication mechanism something you have, something you know and ...

Last Word

Encryption can help build trust

As we work our way through this rocky economic climate, establishing security in a way that ensures trust is going to be critical in maintaining ...



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