February 2017 Issue of SCMagazine

February 2017 Issue of SCMagazine

February 2017


Permission denied?: Mobile application security

Mobile application security is becoming a tougher battle to wage for organizations, as these apps are demanding more access to users' data, reports Karen Epper ...

Whatever happened to Apple versus FBI?

SC Media throws it back to February 2016 when Apple and the FBI squared off for a contest that never happened. The immediate issue was ...

Group Tests

Catbird Secure

Catbird Secure enables automated enforcement of security policies, including microsegmentation rule sets, across Catbird TrustZones.

CloudPassage Halo

CloudPassage Halo is designed to provide cloud workload security and compliance monitoring for public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments at enterprise scale.

FireMon 40Cloud

FireMon, the virtual firewall folks, acquired 40Cloud in October 2016 and the addition of an infrastructure management tool that goes beyond the firewall has obvious ...

GuardiCore Centra

GuardiCore approaches software-defined data center security from the perspective of five capabilities: flow visualization, microsegmentation, breach detection, automated analysis and incident response.

First Look

SC Lab Approved: One Year Later: Intel 471

Intel 471 is unique in the way it was set up as an organization, the way it gathers its intelligence and the core skill sets ...

SC Lab Approved: One Year Later: Silobreaker

Silobreaker has become the staple workhorse for researching open source intelligence here in the SC Labs.

Last Word

Supply chains: Many targets for one email attack

Deploying a multi-layered email security setup is crucial, says Mimecast COO Ed Jennings.