February 2018 Issue of SCMagazine

February 2018 Issue of SCMagazine

Product opener

Group Test 1 opener

Cloud-Based Security

This has been a strange and interesting month. Our regular readers will note that we have the smallest crop of products, probably ever.

Group Test 1

Illumio - Adaptive Security Platform

The core of Illumio’s Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) is microsegmentation.

CloudPassage - Halo

Halo is, essentially, a vulnerability management system for use in hybrid environments that approaches the issue through multiple techniques including file integrity monitoring, application control, ...

GuardiCore - Centra

This product is the Full Monty for its type. First, it supports, as do all our products this month, microsegmentation and is based upon workloads. ...

First Look

First Look - Veriflow

Every now and again we see some very unusual and innovative approaches to solving a particular security problem.