January 2006 Issue of SCMagazine


Securing IT is innovative thinking

Nothing new is really going down in information security right now. At least that’s the take of some of SC’s Editorial Advisory Board members. There ...


News Briefs

Breach law signed in N.Y.


IT security will get a bigger piece of the fiduciary pie in 2006

Threat of the month: DRM Rootkits

What is it? DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, describing any number of methods that content providers enlist to try to exercise control over what you ...

Company news

Sun Microsystems and Dartmouth College have announced a collaboration to increase security features in the college’s OpenSolaris project. Dartmouth will also develop a graduate-level operating system ...

2 minutes on

2 minutes on...Securing energy facilities for the future

The monitoring systems of power plants and other industrial installments will become better defended against internet-based threats in coming years, one leading security analyst has ...

Me and my job

Me and my job

What does your job entail? Anything involving the network – basically making sure people get the information they are looking for. We have 400 restaurants and ...


Innovation still exists

I just attended the Computer Security Institue’s 32nd Annual Conference and this year there were rumblings on the show floor about the lack of anything ...

Security starts with coding

A mix of regulatory requirements coupled with front-page news stories regarding security breaches worldwide have unveiled an array of application security issues.

CSO's desk

Efficiency and effectiveness

I had the pleasure of attending a session with a "guturist" recently — a gentleman by the name of Michael Tchong. He spends much of ...

30 seconds on...

<p>Outsourcing option</p> <p>Unilever confirmed last month that it is discussing outsourcing parts of its finance, human resources and IT operations to Accenture and IBM. An ...


Cover Story: Custom building defenses

Three IT security pros explain that a reliable network is key, no matter the size of the company.

Large enterprise: How the big boys cover their assets

Just one lone publicly disclosed identity theft incident can make even the largest enterprise beef up information security and privacy practices fast.

Medium enterprise: Layering for fast expansion

One day, you are the IT security pro for a tidy, small company with about 700 PCs on your mind. The next day, more than ...

Small Enterprise: Coupling reliability with efficiency

Smaller enterprises, companies with about 500 or fewer employees, have little of the luxuries that their larger counterparts boast. Although short on staff, resources and ...

Safeguarding your inbox

Jill Cherveny-Keough never lowers her defenses. When she receives unsolicited email from an unknown source, Cherveny-Keough assumes it contains a worm, virus or verbiage that ...

We’re saving a seat for you

SC Magazine U.S. Awards dinner is edging closer.

IT asset dollars and sense

When truth is stranger than fiction — as it often is in enterprise IT departments — managing technology assets securely can require a powerful imagination. ...

Last Word

ID theft: beyond fear to opportunity

In the last few months, it has become nearly impossible to read a magazine or watch television without coming across a story about identity theft. ...


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