January 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

January 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

January 2010


"This is ourselves under pressure"

Just as Queen and David Bowie were in 1981, chief information security officers today are under pressure. Surprise, surprise, right?



Legitimate companies should consider hiring former black-hat hackers.

Damballa named Val Rahmani as CEO

Damballa, provider of anti-botnet solutions, has named Val Rahmani as chief executive officer. Rahmani previously served as general manager of IBM Internet Security Systems. In ...

The MashSSL Alliance forms

The MashSSL Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting the use of the MashSSL open specification, has formed. MashSSL, in the process of being standardized, lets ...

Neustar teams up with Infoblox

Neustar, provider of managed DNS services, has teamed up with Infoblox, maker of network services appliances, to resell each other's services and products. Customers now ...

NetWitness partners with SRA International

NetWitness, provider of automated threat intelligence and real-time network forensics, has partnered with SRA International. The technology and services provider will resell NetWitness NextGen as ...

Archer Technologies teams up with KPMG

Archer Technologies, provider of enterprise governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, has teamed up with KPMG. The audit, tax and advisory firm will leverage its ...

LogRhythm appoints Preston Lawhorne to VP of sales for the Americas

LogRhythm, maker of log management and SIEM solutions, has appointed Preston Lawhorne to vice president of sales for the Americas. He previously served as VP ...

Threat of the month

Threat of the month

SEO attacks

2 minutes on

PCI: Merchants take on providers

A new case could set precedence for a merchant community often overwhelmed by the burden of PCI compliance.

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand

Corporations are seeking information security engineers as a "mission critical hire."

Me and my job

CSO's desk

Balancing act: people & technology

Information, left unattended, will lose its integrity.


Size doesn't matter: SMBs are now a major target of cyberattacks

Finding more resistance than ever from large businesses, hackers are customizing their malware ploys for SMBs, reports Dan Kaplan.

Cloud shift: Weighing the risks and benefits of a new technology

Can security be better in the cloud? Experts believe it can, reports Deb Radcliff.

SC Awards 2010: And the nominees are...

The winners of the prestigious 2010 SC Awards U.S. will be announced on March 2 in San Francisco.

The white knight: application whitelisting solutions gaining appeal

Application whitelisting offerings are appealing to more organizations due to a rise in malware, reports Angela Moscaritolo.

Guarding against a data breach survey: Minding data

Security budgets are holding their own - even in the toughest economy since the Great Depression, reports Illena Armstrong.

Product opener

A pillar of information assurance

We kick off the new year with a look at authentication from two perspectives.

Group Test 1

ACTAtek Technology

The ACTAtek device uses optical technology to read finger- and thumbprints, which it then transfers into templates and stores on the system.

Bayometric Biometric Network Logon 2007 R2

Biometric Network Logon 2007 R2 from Bayometric offers a fully integrated server-/client-based biometric logon system for Microsoft Windows networks.

BioLink Solutions (Bio-Metrica) IDenium

The IDenium biometric system from Bio-Metrica provides a solid integrated platform for distributing biometric fingerprint logon for users throughout the enterprise environment.

Black Box Intelli-Pass

The Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control System from Black Box uses latest-generation fingerprint verification and a unique split-architecture design to provide solid security in access control.

Ceelox CeeloxID Server Edition

CeeloxID Server Edition v1.6.1.1 provides biometric fingerprint scanning for workstation domain logon, as well as single sign-on to programs and websites all in one centrally ...

Integrated Biometrics TRU650 v2.3.0

Integrated Biometrics’ TRU650 Biometric Access Control system is an enterprise-level system providing fingerprint access for high security applications.

Triad Biometrics TEAMS v1.0

The Triad Enterprise Authentication and Migration System (TEAMS) system from Triad Biometrics takes a new look at enterprise-level fingerprint biometric network security authentication.

Group Test 2

Commerce Media Celo v3

The Celo v3 product from Commerce Media offers a highly customizable, flexible and scalable two-factor authentication (2FA) tool for securing IT systems, protecting data and/or ...

Comodo Two-Factor Authentication

Comodo Authentication Solutions prevent fraudulent account access risks through easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy PKI client authentication certificates.

CRYPTOCard BlackShield ID

BlackShield ID Professional Edition v2.51 is an authentication platform that simplifies the implementation, management, control and provisioning tasks related to protecting a network from unauthorized ...

Deepnet Security Unified Authentication Platform v3.4

A single, unified authentication system designed to provide strong two-factor and mutual two-way authentication for different types of applications and different groups of users.

Entrust IdentityGuard v9.2

An open, versatile authentication platform that enables security across diverse users, transactions and applications.

Gemalto Smart Enterprise Guardian

Combines smart card-based PKI functionality with up to 2GB of encrypted mobile storage on a USB device.

Mega AS Consulting Ltd. CAT Authentication Server

A Windows application that runs on an enterprise server.

PhoneFactor Extended Edition

Works by using a phone as a second factor of authentication, something you have. There is no software for end-users to install.

PortWise AB PortWise TruID v4.8

The PortWise virtual appliance includes the PortWise identity and access management product suite, a software package for enterprises looking to manage all their remote access ...

Quest Software Quest Defender v5.5

Enables admins to use something you know (PIN/password) plus something you have (hardware token/mobile device) to ensure remote users accessing one of many different environments ...

SafeNet eToken PRO 72K

A smart card-based USB token that uses a PKI infrastructure to generate and store users' personal credentials - such as private keys, passwords and digital ...

Vasco Data Security aXsGUARD Identifier Authentication

The aXsGUARD Identifier uses Identikey authentication server. Instead of using a single factor login and static password, employees can use a Digipass token to logon ...

Last Word

The value of competition

Add competition to your security education program, says Robert Fanelli, U.S. Army.


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