January 2012 Issue of SCMagazine

January 2012 Issue of SCMagazine

Jan. 2012 issue


Ascending the ladder, rung by rung: Data breach prevention

Nearly two-thirds of respondents to our fifth annual "Guarding Against a Data Breach" survey say their budgets related to IT security and data protection will ...


News briefs: HP LaserJet printers faulted, massive data breach at Sutter Health, Twitter purchased Whisper Systems, etc.

A flaw discovered in HP LaserJet printers could allow attackers to steal documents, a water utility pump failure was not the result of a cyber ...

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A "critical" turning point: The nation's critical infrastructure.

A recent string of alarming incidents highlights glaring shortcomings in the security of the nation's critical infrastructure.

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand

Companies are moving into the cloud. As a result, demand for cloud security architects and engineers is growing.

Me and my job

Me and my job

Kevin Sanchez-Cherry, Office of the Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of Education


iCloud and enterprise IT

When Apple announced iCloud at its Worldwide Developers Conference last June, it set acolytes abuzz with anticipation.

Have a realistic discussion: Executive buy-in

When it comes to real-time threats, if your executives expect you to prevent all breaches, you're overdue for a talk.


The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) would block access to rogue websites without hampering security.

Threat of the month

Carrier IQ

Briefs: Company news: Appointments at Mandiant, McAfee, Solera and more

Michael Evans VP of marketing at Mandiant, Stuart McClure named worldwide chief technology officer at McAfee, and other announcements.

CSO's desk

A resolution to measure more: Data breach consequences

It's vital to understand how to talk about security to senior executives in order to prevent a data breach, says Dan Srebnick, CISO of the ...


Hard target: The APT scenario

Stealthy, targeted attacks are real -- as evidenced by operations such as Shady RAT and Stuxnet -- and there isn't a one-size-fits-all remedy to deal ...

The new wave: Modern security education

Sometimes a little bit of competition is what it takes to get students on the path to careers in security. Software engineer Alex Levinson, who ...

SC Magazine survey: Guarding against a data breach

Security conversations are as audible as ever, yet budgets remain largely flat. However, an expected influx of compliance audits may serve as the driver for ...

Bumper crop: Cyber security legislation

Data security measures have a long, storied history of meeting their demise on Capitol Hill. But two proposals have the bipartisan support that give them ...

Product opener

Welcome 2012!

Here at the SC Lab, we have been preparing for an exciting 2012 as we somewhat change up the format of our product pages. Owing to ...

Group Test 1

ActivIdentity 4TRESS Authentication Appliance FT2011

ActivIdentity 4TRESS Authentication Appliance FT2011 is a versatile server providing strong authentication to a wide range of services and online applications.

Cryptocard Blackshield Server v3.1

The Cryptocard Blackshield Server v3.1 is designed as an authentication service delivery platform, automating all tasks around user and token management, provisioning, reporting and billing.

Deepnet Security DualShield v5.2

DualShield v5.2 from Deepnet Security is a unified authentication platform, using the versatile authentication server model.

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise v5.2

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise v5.2 is a centrally managed suite of solutions – access management, data protection and secure communications – that protect data and control ...

Entrust IdentityGuard

IdentityGuard from Entrust offers a plethora of multifactor authentication methods that can be used throughout the enterprise, as well as for customer-facing web applications, such ...


PhoneFactor provides the addition of second-factor authentication using something everyone has: This product uses a phone as a token.

SecureAuth Identity Enforcement Platform

This product leverages an already existing Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) structure to add multifactor authentication to a host of services ...

Swivel Secure PINsafe

The PINsafe from Swivel Secure takes a user’s fixed personal identification number and randomly generates a one-time login code that is sent to the user ...

Vasco Data Security Digipass Go 7 and Identikey Server

The Digipass Go 7 and Identikey Server from Vasco Data Security work together to provide strong multifactor authentication throughout the enterprise.

First Look

NAC, juiced up

The NetClarity NACWall Nano is NAC on steroids, sized and priced for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

Last Word

Revolution is in the air: Re-examine existing practices

It's time to rethink the basic approach to protecting our businesses, and new technologies are leading the way, says Cisco CSO John Stewart.