July 2007 18 7 Issue of SCMagazine

July 2007 18 7 Issue of SCMagazine


The SC Magazine Awards, a celebration of excellence

It may sound super early, but nominations are now open for our SC Magazine 2008 Awards. This means that its time for you to start ...


Company news

Here are the latest happenings from the boardrooms of the IT security world.


Is monitoring traffic before it enters the database the best approach to database security?

News briefs

Campus exploit Hackers exploited an unpatched flaw and a disabled firewall to infiltrate a server at the University of Colorado, Boulder, compromising the personal information ...

2 minutes on

After Estonia, Cyberwarfare in the U.S.?

The massive bot-enabled DDoS attacks that crippled Estonian government and business websites after officials moved a Russian World War II monument begged the question stateside: ...

Me and my job

Me and my job

Five questions for Prabhakar Chandrasekaran, ISO of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.


What to do when an employee goes bad

Short of locking every user out of the network, there aren't any definitive ways to prevent insider threats. Observation is key as the majority of ...

Dangerous liaisons, new threats

Back in May, on our Michigan.gov website, we experienced a cyber sit-in. Parents were encouraged to protest possible Medicaid cuts by teaming-up with a group ...

CSO's desk

Get involved with PCI

No matter which conference you attend, you are bound to come across a discussion on the payment card industry (PCI). There are forums, blogs, webinars ...


Product section: Two important security issues dominate

A few months back, a major NATO exercise brought over 40 nations together to test the interoperability of their networks in a field environment. I ...

The SC Magazine Awards - be great in 08

Just a week after taking home the Rookie Security Company of the Year prize at the 2007 SC Magazine Awards Gala, The 41st Parameter landed ...

The hard sell: which key performance indicators to use in reports

The skill set required for the modern IT security professional is constantly changing — the moxie of malware authors, phishers and online scam artists ensures ...

The identity crisis - how to improve workflow and centralize ID management systems

As the nature of enterprise security and compliance has changed, so too has the way companies have had to manage the digital identity.

Law and order: A national computer forensic center takes shape

By blood-and-guts standards, Cary, N.C. is as safe a suburb as there is in the nation. The 121,000-person bedroom community regularly ranks near the statistical ...

Product Reviews

Astaro Security Gateway

The Astaro Security Gateway splits its protection into three categories. These categories are network protection, web filtering and email security.

Thales SafeSign

SafeSign is the offering from Thales and is a server that can be installed onto several different operating systems, including Windows, Solaris, Linux and HP-UX.

Cyberoam CR250i

This product features protection on many levels. It can be deployed as a gateway using NAT, or in bridged mode to protect the network transparently.

Authenex ASAS

The Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS) is a server software-based offering like many of the other products in this Group Test.

IBM-ISS Proventia MFS MX3006

The IBM-ISS Proventia MFS MX3006 appliance features firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, IPS and a web content filter.

Fortinet FortiGate-300A

The FortiGate-300A can be deployed either as a full service gateway, or transparently to work with existing firewalls and protection in the network.


CRYPTOCard submitted for review a software-based enterprise offering for installation on a server.

RSA SecurID Appliance

RSA is the most well-known two-factor authentication system today.

Aladdin eToken TMS

The Aladdin eToken TMS (Token Management System) is software-based and includes the ability to use two-factor authentication, as well as digital signature using the Aladdin ...

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. UTM-1 2050

The Checkpoint UTM-1 appliance features the standard UTM capabilities, such as firewall, IPS, anti-virus and anti-spyware.

TRI-D Systems 2Factor Flexible OTP Card

A very unique offering was the TRI-D Systems 2Factor Flexible OTP Card. The product is unique for two main reasons: first, it installed in a ...

Vasco Digipass Basic Pack OTP

The Vasco offering is a software-based product that includes the ability to use two-factor authentication, as well as digital signature with the Vasco tokens.

MXI Stealth MXP

MXI Stealth MXP is a unique offering which offers the option of a USB-based token that includes a fingerprint biometric scanner used for both secure ...

PassGo Technologies Defender

The PassGo Defender server software-based product offers a Radius proxy for providing critical device authentication, as well as two-factor authentication.

SonicWALL PRO 5060

This product includes the usual suspects of firewall, IPS/IDS and anti-virus, but it also brings in some unusual features as well.

SmoothWall SmoothGuard 1000-UTM

SmoothWall breaks its attributes down into four feature sets. These sets include firewall, VPN, email security and web security.

ActivIdentity 4TRESS AAA Server

The ActivIdentity 4TRESS AAA offering is a remote authentication dial-in user service (Radius)-based authentication, authorization and accounting offering.

eSoft InstaGate 604

The InstaGate 604 can be built up to have as little or as much functionality as needed by the environment.

Entrust IdentityGuard

The Entrust IdentityGuard entry was a unique offering for two-factor authentication.

Last Word

A guarantee: software will always be vulnerable

In the future, we will have bug-free software, computing will make paper redundant, networks will be self-defending and soon, very soon, we will have solved ...


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