July 2013 Issue of SCMagazine

July 2013 Issue of SCMagazine

From botnets and cyber attacks on the retail industry, to in-depth reporting on privacy today, our July issue is filled with insightful news.


Let's talk about Orwellian statehoods

There's a larger story than Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old whistleblower who released classified documents that contained details about the NSA's massive surveillance of U.S. citizens.


Company news: Recent acquisitions, Secunia's new CEO, and more

M&A activity and personnel announcements around the security industry, including the acquisitions of Websense and Vigilant, Secunia's new CEO, and more.

News briefs: The latest happenings in the security industry

Hackers ransacked the servers of Drupal.org, international authorities shut down Liberty Reserve, and other news around the security industry.

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: SCADA "sport fishing"

July's "threat of the month" is SCADA "sport fishing," which could enable attackers to manipulate a water supply and make it undrinkable.

2 minutes on

2 minutes on: Keeping the chill off journalism

As journalists come under attack from the government, an encrypted online dropbox co-created by the late Aaron Swartz can ensure anonymity.

Skills in Demand

Perimeter security managers are in demand

There is increased demand for defensive-minded security pros with the ability to manage perimeter security technologies. These roles can be found in security teams that ...

Me and my job

Me and my job: Stephen Fridakis of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

For this month's "Me and My Job" we speak with Stephen Fridakis, senior IT security officer for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United ...


Debate: Because of inherent vulnerabilities, it is time to ditch Java

Experts in this month's debate discuss Java. Is it time to stop using the popular software?


Malware writers: Don't screw up

Targeted attacks are easy and cheap, but not always anonymous, says Norman ASA's Snorre Fagerland.

Thriving in new times

There is no doubt that threats have evolved from vandalism and hobby-based malware to financially motivated crime and now state-sponsored espionage and attacks against government ...

Learning from the learners

Our educational institutions continue to set the pace in BYOD.

CSO's desk

Sharing is caring

Cyber attacks continue to grow and evolve in sophistication. Consequently, it's sometimes difficult to tell who the good guys are when everyone is in the ...


It's personal: Privacy

A battle rages between advertisers and privacy advocates over access to online behavior. Ryan Goldberg reports.

Chalk IT up: Boardroom communication

Speak in business terms and convey risk when attempting to gain funding for implementations from management, reports Stephen Lawton.

Botnets 3.0: Global malware

Thanks to willing accomplices and easy-to-use technology, the threat from linked computers is expanding, reports Karen Epper Hoffman.

Store opening: Retail malware

Technological vulnerability and valuable data make retailers the latest target for malware attacks, says Jenny Craig CIO Abe Lietz. Karen Epper Hoffman investigates.

Case studies

Case study: Get smart

An organizing solution was found to manage mobile devices being used in Florida's Hillsborough School District, reports Greg Masters.

Product opener

Protecting the data - from wherever it streams

Securing mobile devices - and, by extension, our enterprises - is the topic of this month's Group Test.

Group Test 1

Acronis activEcho v2.7

Acronis activEcho provides document-sharing features, and hosts everything within one’s own private network.

Bitzer Mobile BEAM Mobility Platform v2.4

The BEAM Mobility Platform from Bitzer Mobile allows IT departments to enforce data leakage protection policies while offering secure access to internal applications – without ...

Fixmo SafeZone v5.0

Incorporating 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication support and a secure sandbox model into an easy-to-deploy application, SafeZone is a great choice for administrators who want ...

Good Technology Good for Enterprise

Combining full mobile device management (MDM) with end-to-end encryption, Good for Enterprise from Good Technology offers an expansive suite of products, which allow administrators to ...

Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Security 10 for Mobile v10

Kaspersky Security 10 for Mobile integrates mobile device management into the company’s security suite.

KoolSpan TrustCall for iPhone

TrustCall for iPhone from KoolSpan offers hardware-based encrypted calling between off-the-shelf iPhones.

Mobile Active Defense (MAD) Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security (MECS) Server v1.6.9

The MECS Server provides full-on, tamper-proof firewall and compliance policy that is pushed down to mobile devices connected either via mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Novell ZENworks Mobile Management 2.7

ZENworks Mobile Management from Novell allows for full control of a mobile device from both a security and policy perspective.

Sophos Mobile Control v3.5

Sophos Mobile Control provides a full set of features and functionality for management and control of a broad range of mobile devices.

First Look

Really secure, multifactor SSO

Authentify has a good solution that addresses security and simplicity of management.

Last Word

My job is like a carnival game

To defend against evolving threats, prepare and maintain vigilance, says DTCC's Parthiv Shah.