July 2015 Issue of SCMagazine

July 2015 Issue of SCMagazine

July-August 2015


Women in IT Security: Progress despite inequities

While we continue to make headway toward embracing a diverse workforce in the IT security field, we're still far from fully realizing this end.


Viewpoints: Why is there a lack of women in IT security?

Why is there a lack of women in IT security?


Women in IT Security: You've come a long way, baby...but not far enough.

Much of the road to diversity still stretches out in front of Silicon Valley firms where women are very clearly still in the passenger seat, ...

Women in IT Security: 10 Power Players

These 10 women were selected for their longstanding contributions to the IT security space.

Women in IT Security: A picture worth a thousand no's

Women take a stand against revenge porn and implore the security community to help protect the public. Danielle Walker reports.

Women in IT Security: Start me up

Veteran female executives, as well as women new to IT security, are looking to blaze their own trail, reports Karen Epper Hoffman.

Women in IT Security: Female focus

Welcome to the second annual Women in IT Security issue.

Women in IT Security: Women of influence

We enlisted a team of moderators to ask a number of prominent IT security professionals about the challenges they faced as a woman entering the ...

Women in IT Security: Women to watch

Profiles of five women who are advancing the IT security field through their advocacy, legal expertise, engineering acumen and entrepreneurial efforts.

Product opener

It's time again to look in the cyber-crystal ball

The entire field of virtual and cloud security is really in its infancy. That means that a close look at what is coming out now ...

Group Test 1

BitDefender Gravity Zone

Centralizes and de-duplicates security tools, such as anti-malware, in a virtual environment.

Catbird Insight

Automatically and continuously discovers all assets in the virtual infrastructure, allows the grouping of these assets into logical Catbird Trust Zones.

5nine Software Cloud Security

Virtual system security, specifically for Hyper-V environments.

HyTrust DataControl

Cloud security automation through encryption.

Gurucul Risk Analytics

Behavior-based machine learning and predictive analytics.

Intigua Virtualized IT Operations Command Center

Virtualizes existing management tools using proprietary container technology to encapsulate them in their entirety, and enables them to be centrally managed and automated via a ...

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization

A suite of protection functions for VMware, Citrix and Microsoft virtualized environments.

Menlo Security Isolation Platform

Prevents impact of malware by isolating all user activity and cleaning any malicious files before presenting to the user.


Secure file sharing and collaboration in the cloud.

Group Test 2

Adallom Cloud Application Security Platform

This cloud access security broker supports a huge number of cloud applications and is simple to deploy and seamless to users.

Alert Logic Cloud Defender

This suite of tools from Alert Logic protects data in multiple locations, including on-premises.

Bitglass Enterprise Edition (BEE)

The heart of Bitglass Enterprise Edition (BEE) is digital rights management (DRM).

Elastica CloudSOC Platform

CloudSOC is a new security stack defined for the cloud, residing in the cloud and provisioned from the cloud.

FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway (SCG)

FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway (SCG) is another approach to securing applications in the cloud.

Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)

Stops the spread of attacks with security that enforces precise inbound and outbound communications on every workload based on natural language policies for application interactions.

iSheriff Cloud Security

Integrated security management tool deployed in the cloud.

Lumeta Enterprise Situational Intelligence (ESI)

Provides situational awareness of network architecture, segmentation and cybersecurity, supporting decision-making impacting security and compliance relating to cloud or virtual environments.

Palerra LORIC

Combines security configuration management, threat detection, predictive analytics and automated incident response for cloud assets from branded applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, to infrastructure, ...

Perspecsys AppProtex Cloud Data Protection Platform

Addresses compliance, security and privacy issues for cloud-based applications.

First Look

Intel 471: Threat actor intelligence

Intel 471 has several unique - intelligence community-like - approaches that really make a difference.

Last Word

Women in IT Security: Ability and opportunity

Invest in the talented women on your team, says Joyce Brocaglia.