June 2015 Issue of SCMagazine

June 2015 Issue of SCMagazine

June 2015


Information sharing at work

There's been quite a bit of lip service paid to the ages-old concept of information sharing, says Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC Magazine..


News briefs June 2015

The Federal Communications Commission levied a $25 million fine - its largest ever for an information security and privacy concern - against AT&T as part ...

Debate: The Pentagon's strategy to use cyberwarfare in conflicts with enemies is necessary.

Debate: The Pentagon's strategy to use cyberwarfare in conflicts with enemies is necessary.

Briefs: Company news for June 2015

News from K2 Intelligence, Cybereason, CENX, Accuvant. FishNet Security, Optiv Security, WatchGuard Technologies and Rapid7.

Threat of the month

Threat of the Month: Cryptolocker

Threat of the Month: Cryptolocker

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Critic: NSA on a "very ugly path"

After 30-plus years as an official in the National Security Agency (NSA), William Binney has been speaking out about what he sees as the "very ...

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand: Incident response manager

The need for experienced incident response professionals is outstripping the available supply of talent.

Me and my job

Me and my job: Mikel Draghici

Mikel Draghici, principal mobile security specialist, Usher


Hiring in information security

You can't hire quality information security talent the same way you hire customer service reps.

Congress promotes sharing

Congress took significant action in April to address cybersecurity information-sharing efforts.

CSO's desk

Detecting and reducing counterfeit chips

Cisco Systems CSO Edna Conway calls for action to stop the risks of counterfeit or tainted information.


Fasten your seatbelts: Car hacking

While not a pressing problem at the moment, the hacking of on-board car networks could soon prove dangerous. Alan Earls reports.

The long and winding road: EMV adoption

Swapping out magnetic stripe payment cards for those equipped with computer chips is no small task, reports Karen Epper Hoffman.

Who goes there?: Tor Project

Misperceptions about Tor - and who is using it - are preventing its wider acceptance, says security researcher Runa Sandvik. Adam Greenberg reports..

Assess the risk: Risk management

CISOs say the best IT security programs build risk management into everything, reports Steve Zurier.

Talk therapy: Information sharing

Companies benefit by communicating with each other about the attacks they've incurred, reports Jesse Staniforth.

Public-private partnership?: Intelligence sharing

The DHS has been thrust into the midst of threat intelligence sharing. But will Corporate America embrace the effort? Lee Sustar reports.

Product opener

What makes DLP so hard?

Without data classification you cannot get to DLP, says Technology Editor Peter Stephenson.

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Boldon James Classifier v3.7

The Boldon James Classifier bundle is a comprehensive data leakage prevention solution that is easy to implement in organizations large and small.

Code Green Networks TrueDLP

Code Green Network’s TrueDLP product is an extremely effective solution to data leak protection.

Identity Finder Sensitive Data Manager

Identity Finder Sensitive Data Manager takes a robust approach to data leakage prevention, offering maximum security across almost any networked device.

Varonis DatAdvantage and Data Classification Framework

Varonis DatAdvantage and the Data Classification Framework work to identify where any and all of your sensitive and proprietary information lies.

Last Word

Bring intuition to threat intelligence

This is an exciting - albeit overwhelming - time for security pros, says Daniel Polly.