March 2017 Issue of SCMagazine

March 2017 Issue of SCMagazine


Sharing privacy and security smarts

There is concern and care about how companies are or are not acting as good shepherds of personal details.


Data Privacy Day

To help in celebrating Data Privacy Day, we've gathered a number of news stories and other tidbits emphasizing privacy.


Closing email's 40-year trust gap

When the wizards who created the Internet first set up email's basic protocols, they balanced costs in computing power, implementation, and ease of use versus ...

CSO's desk

It's 2017: Is anything not critical infrastructure?

What is critical infrastructure and who is touching it?


The big ask: Government requests

What issues should companies be considering when it comes to handing over privileged information? Karen Epper Hoffman investigates.

No clear policy: IoT and privacy

The Senate sponsors of the DIGIT Act may have the right idea when it comes to IoT, but advocacy groups warn many thorny security and ...

A pivotal point: International privacy

The U.S. and the EU have spent years building privacy agreements. Could it all be coming apart? Danny Bradbury investigates.

Watching the detectors: Government demands

Government operators can put private organizations in a bind, reports Alan Earls.

Product opener

Adding threat intel to your security stack

This month we are addressing another of the new categories that we've added this year: threat intelligence.

Product Reviews

SC Lab Approved: One Year Later: Pwnie Express

There is a lot to like about the Pwnie Express suite of tools.

Group Test 1

Anomali ThreatStream

Anomali ThreatStream is a threat analysis SaaS platform that also has an on-premises option supplied as a virtual machine for those organizations that don’t want ...

SurfWatch Threat Analyst

SurfWatch Threat Analyst collects, deconflicts/normalizes and evaluates structured and unstructured threat data from a wide range of open and restricted sources.

CounterTack Digital DNA (DDNA)

Digital DNA (DDNA) analyzes memory to identify potentially malicious behaviors exhibited by processes running on managed computers.

Cyjax Intelligence Platform

The Cyjax Intelligence Platform is comprised of multiple technologies built for purpose.

CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence

Falcon Intelligence is the consumable output of the CrowdStrike Global Intelligence Team.

First Look

First Look: Observable Networks: Observable Enterprise & Cloud

Observable Enterprise & Cloud uses a unique approach to threat detection.

Last Word

Bridging the talent gap in cybersecurity

Major companies are investing to increase diversity in their workforce, says recruiter Domini Clark.