May 2007 18 5 Issue of SCMagazine

May 2007 18 5 Issue of SCMagazine


Dear Uncle Sam, protect my data

The months that historically see the beginnings of spring in bloom are clouded by tax deadlines, deadline extensions and, sometimes, big payouts to Uncle Sam.


Company news

The Internet Security Alliance, a nonprofit forum for information sharing, has appointed Larry Clinton president. Since 2002, Clinton had served as deputy executive director and ...


Is SSL VPN a better choice for mobile email than proprietary solutions?

News briefs

A vulnerability on the website of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani could have allowed SQL injection attacks and expose confidential information. Meanwhile, the ...

2 minutes on

2 minutes code certifications

As the hacker community's penchant grows for exploiting easy-to-discover web application vulnerabilities, the SANS Institute is leading a charge to educate software programmers before they ...

Me and my job

Me and my job

What's your favorite part of your job?All of my job for the most part; making a difference with faculty, staff and constituents is always fulfilling. ...


The audit/security alliance

The mature information security program is one that takes advantage of all resources that are available. The security team and the audit staff provide a ...

Go beyond checkbox security

There seems to be a disturbing trend growing in popularity called DROP (distributed responsibility of protection).

CSO's desk

Work with other departments outside of the IT tower

During my discussions with other CISOs, the common thread among the truly successful is an ability to communicate with non-IT department heads. By seeking the ...


IT security and education: Schools around the country find the right technology to protect networks

If you want to learn something about security, who better to talk with than an IT professional at an educational institution? After all, they deal ...

Special section: IT security and education

Barely had the first week in 2007 been kicked off when news of a hacker gaining access to a college's network, and perhaps employees' private ...

Product section: USB security and wireless security management

This month, we continued to see innovative approaches to security in the labs. We concentrated on two areas: reviewer Justin Peltier ran several wireless security ...

For managed MPLS-based network migrations to be truly successful, enterprises must apply due diligence

In the enterprise world, data packets arriving a few milliseconds behind schedule can seem like an eternity for latency-sensitive applications. So it should come as ...

The era of the big research lab is over, as market pressures gain influence over product development

Imagining what a high-tech security research center looks like might trigger for some people a vision of a huge laboratory with teams of scientists working ...

Cover story: The SAFE standard makes signing documents via a computer a reality

Companies working within the pharmaceutical industry are extremely secretive with their intellectual property. This can make any attempt to share information, particularly patient data, difficult.

IT security and education: One high-profile public school district adds a focus on data security

When two 17-year-old Washington, D.C. students used school computers to plan a sexual tryst two summers ago, little did they know a cutting-edge security solution ...

IT security and education: Wireless IT should focus on secure communications rather than secure networks

When you're responsible for securing a wireless network connecting staff and over 23,000 students to resources at a major university — like I am — ...

Product Reviews

Pro 2040

The SonicWall Pro 2040 is an appliance-based wireless security manager.

SafeGuard Removable Media 1.0

SafeGuard RemovableMedia is an interesting product. It has one purpose and one purpose only: to ensure that no data leaves the computer on a USB ...

Sanctuary Device Control v4.1

SecureWave’s Sanctuary Device Control is part of a much larger suite of products that all fall into the Sanctuary line.

Enterprise 7.5

The AirMagnet Enterprise application is a software-based offering which runs on the Win32 platform.

A-Key 4000 Token

This little USB storage device provides encrypted storage for data up to a gigabyte with all access controls embedded in the product.

Protector v3.1

The Safend Protector offers many features to provide a high level of USB security both at the interface and removable media levels.

IronPoint Wireless Location Manager 200

The Foundry Networks IronPoint Wireless Location Manager is a software application that can be used to configure, manage and audit Foundry Networks IronPoint Mobility access ...

Endpoint Security Suite v3.2

The Senforce Endpoint Security Suite (ESS) is a completely different offering than the other products in this category.

DeviceWall v4.5

The DeviceWall product goes way beyond typical USB security features. DeviceWall can be used as a complete endpoint security product.

RF Manager

The Colubris Networks RF Manager is another appliance-based offering which uses a web-enabled interface to manage the device.

800 Mobility Controller

The Aruba 800 Mobility Controller is an appliance-based device which provides central management of wireless access points.

ManageEngine WiFi Manager

The AdventNet offering is a software and hardware offering. The primary mechanism for configuring the ManageEngine is a web interface that is installed on the ...

EndPointSecurity v3

GFi EndPointSecurity features the ability to control specific ports on client machines via Active Directory. Policy can be put in place to grant or deny ...

MobiKEY and MobiNET

MobiKEY extends your desktop to the field - safely

GTB Inspector v.12

100 percent catch rate for data leakage? You bet!

Last Word

Should police be allowed to hack?

Criminals use computers. Police forces around the world use computers, too. But when police need to investigate a possible crime, the methods they are allowed ...


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