May 2008 19 5 Issue of SCMagazine

May 2008 19 5 Issue of SCMagazine

SC Magazine May 2008


"Greening" of technology

Any discussion of the IT industry's future inevitably turns to the overarching trend of "greening."

Quality protection of data

I believe that doing things right the first time adds nothing to the cost of a product or service


CSO of the year

Security, just like quality, is job number one. In fact, for Dan Lohrmann, chief information security officer with the state of Michigan, security has become ...

Soft serve defense

How do you keep fast-food employees from using line-of-business computers for the wrong reasons?

Global warning

Companies with a global reach must have a plan for dealing with overseas compliance and cyber incidents, Dan Kaplan learns.

I fought the law...

Staying clear of an FTC investigation isn't as simple as knowing "right" from "wrong," Jim Carr reports.

Lock the front door

Servers hosting trusted sites are prime targets for attackers who want to prey on user PCs and steal data, reports Jack Rogers.

Product Reviews

Digital forensics takes on new dimensions

The forensics market has matured sufficiently to allow us to break the genre into two groups: media forensics and network forensics.

Forensic Toolkit v2.0

Forensic Toolkit (FTK) is one of the most full-featured sets of products.

Gargoyle Investigator Enterprise Module

Feature rich is the first phrase that comes to mind when using the Gargoyle Investigator Enterprise Module (GEM).

Helix 1.9

We are fans of open source software and that is exactly what Helix 1.9 is.

Paraben Device Seizure

We found Paraben Device Seizure to be the easiest of the utilities for cell phone forensics.

Niksun NetDetector

The Niksun NetDetector goes way beyond simple network-based forensics.

Technology Pathways ProDiscover Incident Response

This product focuses mostly on doing forensic-based analysis across the network on a computer while it is live -- without being detected.

WetStone Technologies LiveDiscover Forensic Edition

This product is designed as a first step in locating target systems in large networks.

LogLogic LX 2010 v4.2

The LogLogic LX 2010 provides customers with a good feature set for network forensic investigations.

LogRhythm v4.0

This is a serious log analysis tool. It covers all the bases that you need to cover for network forensics.

BeyondTrust Privilege Manager v3.5

This solution does exactly what I wanted a product such as this to do: allow assignment of specific admin privileges on a very granular basis.

Positive Networks PhoneFactor

The combination of its functionality, its ease of use and the company’s business model make PhoneFactor from Positive Networks a highly innovative multifactor authentication solution.

Technology Pathways ProDiscover Forensics 4.9

ProDiscover Forensics 4.9 is a utility best used for analysis of an entire system.

Last Word

UTMs: Key cog in infrastructure

Increasing network islands requires simple security solutions.