May 2012 Issue of SCMagazine

May 2012 Issue of SCMagazine

May 2012


ID thieves find gold in medical data

Is health care a last frontier for today's cyber criminals?


News briefs: The latest news from Apple, Verizon and more

News briefs: The latest news from Apple, Verizon, CrowdStrike, FTC and more

Company news: M&A activity and other company news this month

Personnel announcements, M&A activity and other company news

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: Chrome exploit

Threat of the month: Chrome exploit

2 minutes on

New election, same risks

While guidelines on the federal and state level aid in the overall security of e-voting machines, there is still potential for insider attacks in the ...

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand: Database and mobile device programming

software developers with skills in collaboration software, databases and mobile device programming are needed.

Me and my job

Me and my job: Brian Wolfinger VP of LDiscovery

Me and my job: Brian Wolfinger VP of electronic discovery & forensic services, LDiscovery


Debate: Identifying culprits behind Koobface disrupts the gang's activity

Debate: Identifying the culprits behind Koobface will diminish the gang's activity.


Avoiding the need to disclose

Many companies simply are unable to keep up with the evolving exploits, says M86 Security's Bradley Anstis.

Can't we just ignore PCI DSS?

Adopting PCI DSS is a sensible thing to do from a security perspective, says New Net Technologies' Mark Kedgley.

CSO's desk

Bridging corporate and personal

There is increasing pressure to make corporate resources available to users on any device.


Seal of approval: Security certifications

Certifications have long validated security skills, says W. Hord Tipton of (ISC)2. But as the profession evolves and more educational opportunities pop up, how valuable ...

A smarter migration: Cloud computing

The decision to move to the cloud has always been wrought with anxiety over entrusting one's data to a third-party. Learning which questions to ask ...

Exotic, new connections: Embedded devices

For a while, only traditional PCs were connected to the public internet. But with most devices now gaining networked capabilities, it's only a matter of ...

Health hazard: SC Magazine Roundtable

Health care traditionally, compared with other industries, has lagged in terms of cyber defense, but with attackers now specifically targeting these organizations for patient data, ...

Assurance on the shore

While the town of Brick on the New Jersey shore maintains a 1950s aura, with the growth of digital media, its public school system had ...

Product opener

The CSI effect - SC style

For the third year in a row, students in the computer forensic class of SC Magazine Technology Editor Peter Stephenson have produced this month's Group ...

Group Test 1

ADF Solutions Triage-Examiner

ADF Solutions Triage-Examiner is a forensic tool that scans target devices whether they are powered on or off. The product reduces forensic backlogs and dedicates ...

Cellebrite UFED Ultimate

Cellebrite UFED Ultimate is a forensic tool for gathering information from portable devices, such as cell phones, tablets, PDAs, memory sticks, standalone GPS devices and ...

NIKSUN NetDetector Alpine

NetDetector Alpine v4.2 is the most up-to-date version of NIKSUN’s network traffic-monitoring hardware that audits and informs users of network security threats.

Paraben Device Seizure v4.6

Paraben Device Seizure v4.6 is a software package that assists forensic investigators in the examination of mobile devices, allowing data acquisition of both logical and ...

RSA NetWitness

RSA NetWitness is a network-monitoring system designed to handle a wide range of information.

Technology Pathways ProDiscover Incident Response v7.1.0.5

Technology Pathways ProDiscover IR v7.1.0.5 aims to provide streamlined previews, imaging and analysis of live systems.

WetStone Technologies US-LATT

Once the kinks are worked out in initial setup, the equipment performs adequately, working according to the defined parameters.

AccessData Group Forensic Toolkit (FTK) v4

The suite of computer forensic tools from AccessData Group that we tested is a nearly complete examiner’s tool kit.

Last Word

Mitigating the next WikiLeaks: Insider threats

The operating environment itself must be altered, says Verdasys' Dan Geer.