May 2016 Issue of SCMagazine

May 2016 Issue of SCMagazine

May 2016


Hot or not, this industry is still growing up

Even with all the hoopla, there are CISOs still having challenges, vendors that aren't meeting needs, and companies still giving security short shrift, says Illena ...


News briefs: May 2016

Some of the latest news from the IT security industry.

Briefs: Company news, May 2016

Personnel changes, M&A activity and other breaking news from the IT security industry.

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: GM Bot

Threat of the month: GM Bot

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand, May 2016

As more and more organizations encourage consumers and clients to visit their websites to conduct business or shop the application security engineer is highly sought ...

Me and my job

Me and my job: Joel D. Rader, solution architect, Radiant Logic

Me and my job: Joel D. Rader, solution architect, Radiant Logic


Debate: Forensics staff will be replaced by robots.

Debate: Forensics staff will be replaced by robots.


Where are all the security pros?

IT security is finally becoming a priority - not only for IT professionals in every industry, but also for the C-suite, says Marcin Kleczynski, CEO, ...


Speak the board's language or get fired

A communication gap exists today between CISOs and the board of directors, says Feris Rifai, CEO, Bay Dynamics.

Government surveillance from Caesar to Nixon

Government surveillance is, however, not new, says Patrick O'Kane, barrister and compliance counsel.

CSO's desk

Who owns information security risk in your organization?

Security is a business risk that needs to be understood and owned by your business leaders, says Jeff Brown, former technology risk officer, AIG.


Educating boards

C-suites and boards of directors are increasing their knowledge of IT security risks and needs - before a breach happens. Larry Jaffee reports.

Market forces: Supply and demand

The market, not government regulation, will push IoT security to a higher standard, says John Ellis of Ellis & Associates. Lee Sustar reports.

Unsuitable addendum: Wassenaar Arrangement

A contentious amendment to an international export treaty has been causing an uproar in the security communities, reports Karen Epper Hoffman.

Product opener

An evolution at our door

This month, we are taking a look at the very interesting UTM and SIEM product group.

Group Test 1

AlienVault Unified Security Management Platform

AlienVault, the company with the cool logo, has really outdone themselves with the Unified Security Management Platform (USM).

CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server

This one leads two lives: a SIEM in its own right or a tool that can work alongside other, perhaps larger, SIEMs.

EventTracker Security Center

Excellent value and wide-ranging capabilities perhaps unexpected in such a modestly priced package.

LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform (May 2016)

Probably the most complete pure-play SIEM we’ve seen with the added benefit of many next-gen features and superlative correlation and analytics.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Probably the most comprehensive and powerful SIEM we’ve seen, continuing the legacy of the old Nitro product up to the present time.

WatchGuard T30-W and WatchGuard Dimension

The T30-W is a UTM for small- to medium-sized organizations. Used with Dimension it provides most of the functionality needed for today’s threatscape.

First Look

ThetaRay Advanced Analytics Platform

This is a very good tool, even if you are not a Big Data analytics maven, says Technology Editor Peter Stephenson.

Last Word

Why Internet of Things matters

Attack vectors multiply as more devices connect to enterprise environments, says IANS's Chris Poulin.