October 2017 Issue of SCMagazine

October 2017 Issue of SCMagazine



WannaCry and NotPetya: Who, what, when and WHY?

There isn't a cybersecurity professional in the world that is not sick and tired of hearing about WannaCry and NotPetya, and with good reason as ...

Want to prevent ransomware attacks? Prepare.

The threat is huge. The response? Not so much. Or at least the response isn't on par with the threat when it comes to ransomware.

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Digital Forensic Tools

Digital - or "cyber", if you prefer - forensics today is a far different beast than it used to be.

Product Reviews

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AccessData Forensic Tool Kit (FTK)

FTK has been a staple workhorse in many forensic shops.

Paraben E3: DS

Paraben's E3:DS is a full-featured mobile device forensic analysis tool kit.

EnCase Endpoint Investigator

The Endpoint Investigator, version 8, is the latest incarnation of the venerable EnCase tradition.

Lima Forensic Case Management

We've been using this tool for a couple of years now and it is, unquestionably, the most powerful cyber forensic case management tool available.

NIKSUN NetDetector Suite

NetDetector Suite monitors all data flowing across the IP network and uses deep packet inspection techniques to accurately recognize, classify and analyze all applications, sessions ...

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