Jim Carr

Jim Carr is SC Magazine’s West Coast bureau chief. Previously, Carr worked as senior editor for Network Magazine and eCommerce Business Magazine. Other organizations to which he has contributed include Data Communications Magazine, LAN Magazine and 3Com Corporation.

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  • No small concern

    Small- and medium-sized enterprises are often ignored by security vendors, and contend with unsavvy users a lot.

  • A more secure union

    Integrating the networking and IT security staffs delivers operational benefits, but comes with challenges, reports Jim Carr.

  • Microsoft releases seven patches, three critical

    In what one security researcher called a broad-based set of releases, Microsoft on Tuesday unleashed seven patches, three for critical vulnerabilities, in its June Patch Tuesday round of bug fixes.

  • Faster, cheaper iPhone portends IT security headaches

    While the throngs are going crazy about the new iPhone's lower cost and faster download speeds, IT professionals are gearing up for more security headaches from the Apple's latest smart phone.

  • DHS names new head of US-CERT

    The Department of Homeland Security has named Mischel Kwon, the chief IT security technologist for the U.S. Department of Justice, as the new head of its U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

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