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Will privacy be a stumbling block for blockchain?

Best known as the infrastructure underlying the wildly popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has really come into its own in the past year or so—being viewed, trialed and utilized as a means of better executing and sharing corporate documents, managing identity and authentication, even running an emerging social media network.

Going Soft: Nation-state attackers seek weaknesses in the system

When nationally backed bad actors from other countries seek areas to infiltrate, they are looking for areas where they not only can get in, but they can make a big impact. Other than critical infrastructure, nation-states may also try to wheedle their way into financial systems, mobile applications, election technology, and ultimately, IoT devices.

Austin: Securing the Smart City, Texas Style

Managing the greater complexity and more constant demands of the so-called smart city, particularly making sure the collected data makes transit safely and is not altered or stolen, can be even more challenging than it may sound.

Going dark

This largely undiscovered portion of the Internet does serve another larger role in connecting its users.

The big ask: Government requests

What issues should companies be considering when it comes to handing over privileged information? Karen Epper Hoffman investigates.