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Cryptocurrency's legal tender

Bitcoin and its multitude of cousins may not be governed by central banks or governments, but the authorities are tracking the meteoric rise for criminal abuse as well as taxation levies against unreported profit gains.

Hit them where it hurts...critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is being targeted by cybercriminals looking to wreak havoc whether working alone or in concert with nation-states.

Zuckerberg admits Facebook mistakes amid Cambridge Analytica fallout

Lawmakers of both political parties are demanding answers about Facebook's data practices and whether Cambridge Analytica, which did voter research on behalf of the Trump campaign, took data from 50 million Facebook accounts.

Gozi ISFB malware spreading more havoc in 2018

After monitoring the malware distributor for the past six months, Talos said in a blog post that Gozi ISFB remains active in 2018 leveraging a wider distribution surface in attack recent campaigns.