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Report: Internet-Connected Speakers Can Lead to a Broken Record

Music lovers connected to wireless, Internet-connected Sonos speakers beware that their audio systems could have been unwittingly usurped for nefarious purposes, according to a new report from Trend Micro.

Australian loses $1 million in 'catphish' whaling scam

A London court heard a case earlier this month in which one of Australia's richest people tried to recover $1 million scammed from him in a convoluted ruse that combined traditional phishing with the "Catfish" online phenomenon preying on lonely people looking for love.

Third of UK Cybersecurity Execs Expect to Be Hacked: Report

Ransomware, phishing attacks and data loss are the three biggest issues that concern UK cybersecurity executives.

Irish Zoo scammed, nearly $600,000 stolen

Most humans have a soft spot for animals. Cybercriminals are another breed obviously, as evidenced by the Dublin Zoo's computer system getting breached so that payments due it were electronically redirected to a criminal's account.

Trump cyber policy taking shape

Cybersecurity staff and policy are slowly developing under the Trump administration. Will the new cyberarsenal match the tweeting rhetoric. Larry Jaffee enquires.