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Australian teen hacker pleads guilty to breaching Apple's systems

An unnamed 16-year-old private schoolboy from Melbourne Australia, who reportedly appeared in Children's Court on Thursday, after he was arrested last year for allegedly breaching Apple's secure computer systems multiple times,

Jury in Georgia convicts Nigerian man for phishing scam targeting higher education

A Nigerian citizen last week was convicted in a Georgia federal court for his involvement in a $6 million phishing scheme targeting college and university staff members.

Sinking feeling: Hacktivist rescued by Disney cruise ship convicted for DDoS attacks against health facilities

It was not a fairy-tale ending in court yesterday for a criminal hacktivist who had to be rescued by a Disney Cruise ship in 2016, after attempting to flee to Cuba to escape charges of attacking two health care providers.

Federal Judge scolds FBI agent for improper stingray use

A federal judge in San Francisco scolded an FBI agent for the improper use of a stingray as well as an improper cellphone search.

Russian gun rights advocate charged as spy

A Russian national and gun activist today was indicted for acting as a Russian agent to develop relationships with U.S. persons and infiltrate organizations that influence American politics to benefit the Russian Federation, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Monday in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Walmart files patent for audio surveillance technology to monitor employees and customers

Walmart Tuesday filed a patent for audio surveillance technology to record customers and employees to proposedly focus on minute details of the shopping and checkout.

Jersey woman charged with allegedly hacking Selena Gomez's email

A New Jersey woman who allegedly couldn't keep her hands to herself was formally charged in Los Angeles County on July 13 with hacking the email accounts of actress and singer Selena Gomez and her associate.

Pair convicted in trading scheme that leveraged press releases stolen by hackers

Two men charged with engaging in illegal financial trading using information found in hacked corporate press releases were both found guilty last Friday in a Brooklyn federal courtroom.

Israel indicts man for allegedly trying to sell spy company's secrets

Charges include trying to damage property in a way that would harm national security, theft by an employee, activities to market defense material without a permit, and obstruction and interfering with computer material.

New Zealand court OK's Kim Dotcom's extradition to the U.S.

The New Zealand Court of Appeal has upheld a decision from a lower court in that country that found internet icon Kim Dotcom can be extradited to the United States to face a variety of intellectual property charges.

London to become home to specialty cybercrime court

The UK government is establishing a specialized court complex in London where cybercrime cases will be heard, along with other civil and property related legal issues.

Hacker behind hoax JCC threats convicted in Israel

A Jewish hacker who was arrested last year on charges of sending hoax threats of violence to JCC facilities and other venues in the U.S. and around the world has been convicted in an Israeli district court, the Jerusalem Post and other news outlets have reported.

Europol forms new Dark Web Team to combat online criminal marketplaces

Europol this week announced the formation of a "Dark Web Team" specifically dedicated to investigating and shutting down underground internet marketplaces, with the assistance of law enforcement agencies and operational third-party partners throughout the European Union.

Two alleged Syrian Electronic Army members indicted for spear phishing and defacement campaign

U.S. prosecutors filed an indictment yesterday for two alleged Syrian Electronic Army hacktivists who are accused of compromising news media websites and social media accounts in order to spread propaganda supporting the regime of Sryian president Bashar al-Assad.

Serbian man arrested for alleged connections to Dark Overlord cyber extortion campaigns

Serbian authorities yesterday announced the arrest of a Belgrade man for his alleged affiliation with The Dark Overlord, a malicious cyber threat actor known for extorting U.S. schools, hospitals and entertainment companies, often after stealing their data or content.

Man behind Scan4you service convicted

Ruslans Bondars, 37, a of the former USSR who had been residing in Riga, Latvia, Wednesday was convicted of one count of conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and one count of computer intrusion with intent to cause damage and aiding and abetting.

Singaporean student earns 24 months probation for Roger Goodell Twitter death hoax

Singapore courts reportedly sentenced Singaporean student Devesh Logendran to 24 months of probation after he pleaded guilty to hacking an official NFL Twitter account and tweeting that Commissioner Roger Goodell had died.

Russia takes Telegram to court over refusal to release encryption keys

The Russian government retaliated against the Telegram messaging app by filing a lawsuit that would stop or limit access to the app in that country after the company refused a request by the government to turn over its encryption keys to the FSB.

Alleged LinkedIn hacker Yevgeniy Nikulin extradited to U.S., pleads not guilty

The U.S. successfully extradited accused Russian hacker Yevgeniy Nikulin from the Czech Republic last week, winning a political tug-of-war with Moscow, which sought to return him to his home country.

U.K. police use DDoS-style attacks on suspected drug dealer's phones

U.K. police tried DDoS style attacks to disrupt service on suspected drug dealer's phones in cases where they couldn't prosecute but were looking to interfere with the drug trade.

Latvian man pleads guilty to role in malvertising-based scareware scheme

A Latvian national who at one point was the fifth most wanted cybercriminal in the U.S. pleaded guilty this week in federal court to supporting a scareware scheme targeting users of the Minneapolis Star Tribune's website.

Dismantled Andromeda botnet will 'slowly disappear' over time, says ESET researcher

What remains of the Andromeda botnet that was largely dismantled in a November 2017 global law enforcement operation will probably "slowly disappear" as remediation continues into 2018, predicted one cybersecurity company that assisted in the investigation.

Three plead guilty to creating Mirai IoT botnet malware

Three men have pleaded guilty in federal court to charges related to the creation of the Mirai Internet of Things botnet malware, variants of which have been used in a series of debilitating distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Belarusian arrested in Andromeda crackdown identified as significant cybercriminal figure

The suspect whom international authorities arrested in Belarus during a Nov. 29 operation to dismantle the Andromeda botnet has been identified with a high degree of certainty as Jarets Sergey Grigorevich - aka Ar3s, a high-profile cybercriminal and malware expert.

Global law enforcement operation decimates giant Andromeda botnet

An international contingent of law-enforcement agencies on Friday dismantled the massive Andromeda malware botnet, sinkholing around 1,500 malicious domains and arresting a suspect in Belarus.

Russian hacker Roman Seleznev sentenced to 14 years for ID theft, bank fraud

Already serving time for a previous conviction in federal court, Russian hacker Roman Seleznev was sentenced to an additional 14 years in prison after pleading guilty last September to racketeering and bank fraud.

In historic decision, FISA court allows NSA surveillance transparency lawsuit to continue

The U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has ruled that there is sufficient standing to proceed with a lawsuit that could require the court to publicly reveal the justifications behind the NSA's electronic surveillance program.