The UK's Fraud Act may be law now, but the police still face an unenviable task to combat cyber crime. However, there are ways in which the Government can bolster its resources.

Commercial organisations are replete with IT security experts and have budgets the police can often only dream of. Government legislation means many companies are required to share information that is in the nation's interest. Why not build on relationships in the commercial world and actively incentivise the organisations and individuals already at the "coalface" to collaborate further with the police?

The battle for a safer internet is never going to be won through traditional law enforcement methods. The only solution is to encourage greater cross-sharing of information between the organisations that have been dealing with these sorts of threats for years. As soon as the commercial world begins to present more of a united front, the life of the e-criminal will become a lot harder.

Tim Ryan, security product manager, Cable & Wireless.