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Yahoo asks feds to declassify surveillance demand

Yahoo sent a letter to U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper with a request to clear up the matter of whether Yahoo cooperated in a government request to scan its users' emails.

'Suspicious' timing for Yahoo to disable auto-forwarding, source

Yahoo users attempting to switch email accounts to rival providers are having a hard time of it as its automatic email forwarding function was disabled following the announcement of a massive breach.

In wake of massive breach, Verizon reassessing price for Yahoo acquisition

The CEO of Verizon said on Monday that the telecommunications giant is still on track to acquire Yahoo, despite a massive breach of Yahoo.

Secret compliance with FISA directive, massive breach spell trouble for Yahoo

Yahoo called a Reuters report that it allowed secret spying of its customers' email "misleading," but the privacy implications are being debated not only by the tech and legal communities but the public as well.

Yahoo breach; State-sponsored actors suspected, at least 500 million accounts affected

On the cusp of a $4.8 billion acquisition by Verizon, Yahoo today disclosed a data breach in which a state-sponsored actor is believed to have stolen a copy of data linked to at least 500 million accounts.