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Mirai Botmaster behind Deutsche Telekom router hijack pleads guilty

A 29-year-old hacker has plead guilty in German court to an attack last year which downed internet service all across the country.

Mystery user offers Petya/NotPetya decryption for nearly £200,000

There are offers now being made to decrypt the apparently undecryptable endpoints strangled by the Petya/NotPetya attacks.

EMC products hit by multiple vulnerabilities including SQL injection

Multiple SQL injection flaws in EMC products could allow hackers to gain web access and take information from applications.

Trump crosses fingers while creation of Russia/US cyber-unit announced

Putin's first meeting with Trump at the G20 concluded with an agreement to help fight political interference by creating an international cyber-unit - an agreement which Trump is now saying he did not really mean.

ICO sets out international vision and route to GDPR compliance

The ICO has released its international strategy, plotting its plans for Brexit and GDPR compliance.