Me and my job
Me and my job
How do you explain your job in simple terms?
Providing insight and direction to ensure that the personal and corporate information Varolii handles
is properly protected.

What part of your job makes you most proud?
The degree of concern our employees have for security and privacy. There seems to be an increased level of understanding of the necessity to protect sensitive info.

What do you think is ignored within the industry?
The mobile device continues to add more functionality that users clamor to have in their hands. Personal devices linked to corporate networks without approval or sometimes knowledge of the IT or security staff create vulnerabilities that represent a growing concern.

For what would you use a magic IT security wand?
I would use it to create an intelligent, behavior-based log monitor that is able to eliminate the requirement for staff to review log files on a daily basis and still be able to capture and identify slow, low level attacks. Log monitoring continues to be a challenge. It is tedious work that few people relish dealing with and even fewer do well. There are a number of tools on the market today, but the myriad of log sources and formats that most organizations have to deal with creates an even greater challenge to tackle.

How did you get interested in information security?
It started with an interest in networks. I've been able to turn something I enjoy into a position of responsibility.

Any information security predictions?
The convergence of devices and the information that is available to these devices – online banking, mobile transactions with credit card info stored on the device – into a single form-factor with increasing power will introduce more risk to the enterprise as technology advances.