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Zero trust

Build a Zero Trust Architecture with a Software-Defined Perimeter

November 18, 2021
  • Strengthen and simplify access controls
  • Reduce attack surfaces
  • Remove policy management complexity for admins
  • Improve end-user experience
  • Unleash operations with integrations and automation
  1. Identity-centric: Designed around the user identity, not the IP address, and requires user authentication before granting network access
  2. Zero Trust: Applies the principle of least privilege to the network and users by using micro-segmentation to make unauthorized resources invisible
  3. Cloud-centric: Engineered to operate natively in the cloud and deliver scalable security
  • Strengthened security: Reduces attack surfaces, verifies user identities, prevents lateral movement and secures east-west traffic.
  • Reduced complexity: Customers see a 91% average reduction in user provisioning time (according to the Nemertes Real Economic Value study referenced below)
  • Improved end-user experience: Improved performance and ease of use including maintaining concurrent connections to many applications
  • Streamlined automation: Automates policies and infrastructure, orchestrates workflows and puts data to work.
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