AI beyond semantics: Here’s what you need to know

December 9, 2019
  • Deep learning-based model can produce a much higher detection rate and lower false alerts, effectively eliminating alert fatigue and reducing costs.
  • This is the case even for new and previously unseen cyberattacks. The broad coverage of attack vectors provides verdicts that are more accurate than the best traditional machine learning solutions available.
  • Deep learning provides the ability to scan any type of file statically in pre-execution mode. Unlike detection and response tools that only act when something is already running, which in most cases is too late.
  • A platform-agnostic solution, deep learning is able to assess for unlimited types of attack vectors, while it provides protection irrespective of the operating system or the device (be it mobile, endpoint, server, network). Doing so, from a single unified platform.
Nadav Maman, CTO and cofounder, Deep Instinct
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