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Beating the Bullet: Moving Beyond EDR

November 9, 2019
  1. Pre-execution – The solution is designed to be triggered before any malicious business logic takes place. For example, as soon as a file is accessed, downloaded on to a device, or malicious code injection is fully executed.
  2. Autonomous – Once the solution is activated, it autonomously analyzes and makes decisions on prevention and alerts, regardless of human involvement and Internet connectivity. If a human is involved it’s not a real-time offering.
  3. Zero-time – Any new data artefact or file must be analyzed in a matter of milliseconds, prior to being executed, opened or causing compromise, effectively providing a zero-time response.
  4. All threats – The solution’s design should cover a broad range of cyberattack vectors and surfaces, both known and unknown threats.
  5. All environments – the solution should protect a wide range of OSs and environments, be it networks, endpoints, mobile devices or servers, from a single unified platform.
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