Iowa vote tally app debacle should inform security, tech in future elections

February 7, 2020

  1. Agree on a clear goal, and the tasks needed to achieve it: If a new app is being used, how many have been trained on it? The best applications are made from a user’s perspective, not engineers’ perspectives.  
  2. Have a go, no-go: When things go wrong, everyone must march to the same cadence – at the right time. Need support or a bridge line? Do you have the number, and can the call load be supported? 
  3. Set customer expectations ahead of time: The customer shouldn’t question the result, nor should they fret over a delay.  
  4. Set internal expectations: Share before the event that if certain conditions aren’t met, that a substitute or parallel effort will commence – in this case, a manual review. 
  5. Communicate: When things don’t go as planned, comfort and confidence go a long away. Have named resources to share the plan of action, status, and timeline. 

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