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The Dearth of Skilled Cybersecurity Personnel

January 23, 2020
  • There needs to be national level leadership on the issue. Governments need to pursue this issue to the extent of appointing a Minister for Cybersecurity, who would be responsible for establishing metrics, driving programs and reporting on national progress.
  • A more thorough partnership between public and private enterprise where national governments adopt a more focused effort on working with the cybersecurity technology community.
  • An integrated industry effort between cybersecurity leaders  to ensure that organizations adopt technology tools that work to resolve this issue rather than amplify it.
  • An automated, zero-time prevention platform can reduce the range of tasks normally carried out by a cyber security team. As a result, software can predict, prevent, and analyze threats autonomously while minimizing the dependency on humans to monitor and remediate events.
  • The deep learning prediction model can produce a far lower level of false positives. Standard solutions typically provide a false positive rate of 1%, which equates to thousands of alerts that each need to be investigated, inevitably overloading CISOs and wearing them down.
  • Deep learning is designed to automatically identify the relevant features of a malicious file or vector without engineering from a cybersecurity expert. For solution providers, it means that they are not competing for the same talent pool as other industry players.

Guy Caspi, CEO & Co-founder, Deep Instinct

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