Three reasons the ‘moving target defense’ can stop bot attacks

October 19, 2020
Defense Secretary Mark Esper speaks at the Department of Homeland Security’s cyber summit held by CISA last year. DHS has pioneered Moving Target Defense, which aims to control change across multiple systems to increase uncertainty and apparent complexity for attackers, reducing their window of opportunity. Today’s columnist, John Briar of BotRx, outlines why MTD stands as the best long-term technique to reduce the attack service and deliver website security. (Creative Commons CC BY 2.0)
  • Dynamic, not static.
  • Firewall/IPS: Signatures and rules can’t differentiate quick-changing attack patterns.
  • Web Application Firewalls: Can’t detect attacks on business logic that mimics normal user behavior.
  • Threat intelligence: Intelligence on new threats and sources are “after the fact” detection, which lets early attackers go undetected and gain a foothold.
  • Big data analytics: Fast-changing attack patterns use low volume/frequency, which evades data protection models that are slow to update.
  • Shifts the focus to threat deflection.
  • Accelerates innovation.
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