Your return-to-work plan: Forget your perimeter. Embrace security without borders

December 17, 2020
  • Identify, inventory or monitor your devices and applications.
  • Patch, update or harden your applications and operating systems.
  • Measure and manage the asset-based risk within your environment.
  • Continue to wait indefinitely for return-to-work to happen.
  • Eventually return some — but not all — of your users and assets to the office.
  • Complete your plan, only to one day have to send everyone home again.
  • Your current assets might remain out of your perimeter for a long time.
  • You will always have many assets outside of your perimeter.
  • Your assets might move in and out of your perimeter at any moment. 
  • Your current assets will remain unsecured, indefinitely.
  • Your assets that never return to the office will not be protected.
  • If you send all your assets home again then they will lose their protections again.
  • Remote Visibility: Maintain continuous, comprehensive visibility into all remote assets — including unmanaged devices on remote networks — and every assets’ patch, update and configuration status.
  • Remote Control: Apply security controls onto remote assets — such as patches, updates and configurations — without physical contact and without consuming large amounts of bandwidth.
  • Remote Risk Management: Define an accurate, real-time picture of your risk position by mapping the spread of sensitive data, defining exposure from unmanaged assets and identifying the potential impact of an incident.
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