Most network administrators want to secure their organizations from ‘rogue' web browsers, according to IT firm Sophos.


The company says that seven out of 10administrators want tighter control. SophosLabs identifies one newlyinfected webpage every five seconds, which points the finger to theinternet being the primary source of malware. Unpatched or out-of-datebrowsers are thought to be especially vulnerable.


Hackers can breach legitimate websitesby redirecting browsers to sites hosting malware. Sometimes, fake sitesthat closely resemble the real thing are set up and used for criminalactivity, typically to gain personal and financial information that isused for nefarious purposes.


John Stringer, product manager atSophos, said: “The 30 percent of administrators who don't considerbrowser control to be important might want to revisit the issue. [By]setting down a policy which controls which web browser and version typeemployees can use, administrators are simplifying the job of keepingthe web secure, particularly important in light of the increasedmalware activity on the web.”