Output targets measuring the effectiveness of regional development agencies should be made more user-friendly to capture the imagination of the general public, according to the lead chair of the RDAs.

Speaking to Regeneration & Renewal, Bryan Gray said targets, such as those for the reclamation of brownfield land, should be expanded to include details that local people "can relate to".

However, Gray added that he thought the current output targets should remain, despite more refined and detailed targets being published in April.

Gray said: "There is nothing wrong with the current measures, and as part of the review being conducted they should remain, so we can collate a rolling history year after year."

Commenting on the release of the output targets for 2003/04, Gray said: "These figures are important but they only tell part of the story." He added: "They are top level figures that should be used in context with the rest of the work the RDAs do."