As protests over George Floyd's death intensified in Minneapolis, the city was reportedly hit with a DoS attack early Thursday morning that left multiple websites and computer systems dysfunctional for several hours.

The municipality reportedly restored service on 95 percent of its impacted URLs and systems within hours of the attack and expected a full recovery by the end of the day.

No details were provided as far as any knowledge who might be responsible or whether the hack was related to the death of George Floyd and the subsequent physical unrest. However, no data appeared to be stolen or compromised, according to published reports. The city’s website,, made no mention of the attack, as of Friday morning.

“Although these types of attacks are not completely unavoidable, they are fairly common, and the City of Minneapolis has proactive measures in place to respond to and mitigate disruptions when they do occur,” a city spokesperson told The Hill. “The City of Minneapolis IT continues to monitor its cyber platforms to ensure further disruption doesn't happen again.”