There are 62 counties in New York State, and nearly 1,000 cities and towns within them. Many lack adequate resources to devote to cybersecurity, but New York is committed to making sure these local municipalities are nevertheless protected against digital threats, according to the state's CISO Deborah Snyder, speaking today at a conference.

In a panel session at the National Cyber Security Alliance and NASDAQ event "Securing Our Critical Infrastructure," Snyder said that under Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York is providing assistance to local governments, helping them conduct risk assessments, perform vulnerability scanning, hold training exercises, and deploy tactical teams that specialize in hardening systems.

The state also holds its own cyber conferences, which local leaders can virtually attend through web-based conferencing, and assists municipal governments in joining the Multi-State Information Sharing Analysis & Center.

"We’re in touch on a routine basis… with county IT directors, and most of the chlalenges that they have revolve around resources," said Snyder. "So how can we help? Governor Cuomo is committed to... cybersecurity for all state agencies and local municipalities as well as citizens."