France reportedly saw a sharp increase in attempted cyber attacks in the weeks leading up to the terror attacks in Paris last week.

Anti-virus software firm Kaspersky noticed a rise in users attacked by malware during the weeks prior to the terrorist attacks, according to The Daily Dot.

Patch Penguin's chief technology officer Jamie Woodruff confirmed those findings to the publication. Patch Penguin is a cybersecurity firm based in the UK. He said he was monitoring an increased number of attempted malware attacks in France the day prior to the deadly terror attacks.

Palo Alto Networks said on Wednesday that the group responsible for the 2013 cyber attacks that crippled South Korea is likely the same attacker to have launched cyber attacks in Europe recently. But in speaking with, an employee at Palo Alto Networks said this report was not related cyber activity targeting France.

Earlier this week, former Reagan administration Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts wrote in a blog post that he "received a report from European security" that a cyber attack in France may have affected police surveillance, but that claim has not been substantiated.