An intoxicated gentleman who may or may not have been in fear of unsecured IoT devices and robots decided to take a preemptive strike against a 300lb security robot in Mountain View, Calif.

The robot, named K5, turned out to not be a Terminator, but instead was just a Knightscope droid designed to patrol parking lots and alert security of suspicious activity, according to ABC 7.

Authorities said 41-year-old Jason Sylvain knocked the robot over while it was on patrol last week. Sylvain was subsequently arrested and charged with prowling and public intoxication.  

K5 suffered a few scratches but was able to return to duty shortly after the incident. While robots and similar IoT devices pose serious cybersecurity and physical security threats if compromised by a threat actor, Knightscope devices have occasionally caused harm on their own.

Last year, one of the firm's robots knocked over a 16-month-old child running over its foot and causing minor bruising.