A Ryuk ransomware attack against U.S. Department of Defense contractor Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) has reportedly affected the electronics company's web server, making several of its websites in accessible.

According to a ZDNet report, the attack took place last week and impacted the websites for the EWA Government Systems Inc., a subsidiary that sells electronic warfare products; EWA Technologies Inc, a division that offers JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) products; Simplicikey, am EWA division that manufacturers a remote control electronic deadbolt; and the Homeland Protection Institute, non-profit chaired by EWA's CEO. As of Thursday morning, these sites remain unavailable, but EWA's main home page is functional.

Googling the domains of EWA's affected websites reveal ransom, scrambled text and references to Ryuk -- evidence of ransomware wrongdoing.

ZDNet further reported that an EWA spokesperson hung up the phone when asked for comment.