Alan Mudd was sentenced to two years in a young offender's institution by a UK court for creating, selling and using Distributed Denial of Service malware.

The BBC reported that the 20-year-old Mudd, who plead guilty last year, began his life of crime at 16 when he created the malware known as Titanium Stresser which he then made available for sale. At one point the malware had 112,000 registered users who, in turn, attacked 666,000 IP addresses earning Mudd an estimated $495,000 in U.S. currency and bitcoin.

Mudd himself ran 594 attacks.

The primary targets for Titanium Stresser were gaming platforms, such as Xbox Live, along with several UK universities.

Mudd was arrested in 2015 at his parent's house.

The judge felt compelled to sentence Mudd to a sentence as a deterrent to others despite the fact that he is autistic, the BBC reported.