The Mayo Clinic’s team approach saved my life; now I use it to build great software

May 14, 2021
Today’s columnist, Keith Ibarguen of Cofense, drew from the lifesaving cancer treatment he received at the Mayo Clinic to go on and apply the multidisciplinary approach used by the medical staff at Mayo to his work as a security software developer. alasam CreativeCommons CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
  • Before the team addresses a major requirement or feature, consult with marketing, sales, customer experience, product development, architecture, engineering, security and the executive team. Identify and address any issues or concerns from each corner of the organization.
  • Even if the conversations across company stakeholders are short, they ensure alignment and an opportunity to highlight a metric that can bring out a value proposition.  
  • Capture recurring themes in a document available to the development team; a sort of “Ray Dalio” list of product principles.
  • Consult the list for all future features, big or small, and the evolution of these principles ensures that the team has captured the culture and strategic direction of the company in an enduring and ever-evolving account.
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