ServiceNow on Wednesday announced its Now Platform San Diego release that looks to expand its robotics process automation (RPA) capabilities, but also has some important new security collaboration features.

As part of the Now Platform, ServiceNow has released Major Security Incident Management (MSIM) Workspace to help security teams drive collaborative responses to critical security incidents.   

MSIM Workspace promises to help security teams track and resolve major incidents, working in conjunction with ServiceNow’s existing security incident response (SIR) and vulnerability response (VR) product capabilities.

With the move to cloud-native and digital transformation, the workflow tools are important to optimize efficiency, said Melinda Marks, a senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group.

“As developers utilize these newer technologies, like low-code application development and AI, it will be important for security teams to help them incorporate the right security processes into their workflows,” Marks said. “So integration with ServiceNow will be important.”

ServiceNow's entry into the RPA market is a sensible extension of its strategy to manage and design secure workflows across the organization, said Kevin Dunne, president of Pathlock. Dunne said ServiceNow has quickly become the standard when it comes to enterprise workflow management.

“ServiceNow workflows often need to trigger activities or collect information from other systems in the best-of-breed IT landscape to complete the required tasks,” said Dunne. “Adding RPA solutions that can reach across the enterprise IT landscape will give organizations the ability to automate manual IT processes to reduce down time for employees and increase efficiency of IT organizations.”