Report: Genuine HR emails trigger suspicions after accidentally using common phishing tricks

November 19, 2019
  • The TriNet logo in the email was hosted on the image-hosting site Imgur instead of the company's own website – a trick spammers use to avoid detection.
  • The email contained a link to a web page with an entirely different domain than TriNet's home page, and with minimal content or imagery to suggest that the page was even affiliated with TriNet. This made it seem as if users were being rerouted in a DNS hijack attack.
  • A subdomain used in the email had been set only weeks earlier, suggesting that a malicious actor may have recently registered the URL in order to launch a new campaign.
  • TriNet reportedly does not enforce the DMARC policy on its domain name, which would make it easy for hackers to spoof the company's emails and create something that looked similar to the email in question.
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